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Brain hemorrhage - personality change

My father 64 yrs old, had Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) stroke on sept 22nd . He was in ICU for 5 days and now in regular care center from last 5 days. He had bleeding on left side of brain, consequently paralysis on right side of body. Not able to move arm and legs at all. There was slight movement on first two days on right leg but not now. His speech and memory is okay. He can swallow and having pureed food.
My concern is about his behavior change. He is becoming stubborn and insist on same thing again and again. I don't know if this is because of brain injury or could be just because of on bed for long time. Doctors are not able to answer that. They say it could be or could not be because of injury. Just wondering if anyone had similar situation and  knows the results over period of time. Please share your comments.
Also, as he not moving his arm and leg at all. what are the chances that he will be back to normal life over period of time. I read other thread related to this but not able to get any estimate for such scenario.
Your opinions will be highly appreciated.
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About all I can offer is if your father could be put into physical therapy by the treating physician, he might can get back some movement in his extremities.  With improvement, could be he just might not have to one day be in a wheelchair, but no sure way to know.  Physical therapy directed at this can take many months.

As for his mood, I think the docs are correct, it's hard to tell at this stage if he's just being ornery from being in the hospital for so long, or if he just has a temporary loss of emotional control that will subside in time, or if he will always be like that.  Time will tell, and I do not know how much time.  Could be a psychology clinic can work with him on controlling his emotions if this keeps up even after he gets home and routines start back up for him.  But seeing a psychologist is a good idea no matter what, because he has got to be very frustrated at not being able to move as he used to, and a counselor can help him find healthy ways to release his frustration, like hobbies he can do sitting down at a table.

There is a very good movie, it's called "Regarding Henry," and it's about a man who loses some of his memory and movement, he goes thru rehab, and could be this will sort of help you understand what your father is going through.  Also, I met a young man who sustained a head injury during a robbery, he used to speak four languages and used that ability in the military, but when I knew him, he was child-like but pleasant.  He said he had to work on returning to independent living for about a year.  
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Hey, thanks for your detail reply. Its Oct 11 today and he is much better than the 2-3 day after stroke. He knows everything and pretty clear with speech. Memory is almost same as before stroke.
As per personality changes concerns, its getting better and better and looks like its because of being in hospital for long time and getting homesick. He talks very well on phones with friends and others.
The next is his arm and leg, he is able to move fingers on both. Hopefully he will be able to walk soon. Currently having hard time balancing himself.
I'll keep updating this thread with his progress.

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Well, then, that's great!  The docs really ought to try putting him in a physical therapy program if his arm and leg do not improve like the rest of him, they can make people better from all sorts of body wreckages.
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