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Burning sensation in right limbs and all of head

I am a 39 yr old female.  About 10 months ago, I started having an area on the inside of my right forearm that seemed itchy/burning and it would come and go.  Then that feeling became more consistent as a burning sensation and would sometimes be on the other side of my arm spreading to the backside of my hand.  Then one day I noticed it had it on the out side of my right leg down to the top of my foot.  Several weeks later I got little patches on my scalp and face that had the same burning sensation.  The facial sensations would come and go and seem to be in different places on both sides of my face.  Also occasionally between the shoulder blades.  I also remember having a burning sensation in my scalp several years ago for a short period of time that my then Dr. said was probably allergies!
Five months ago, I went to my Dr. who tested my blood for B12, diabetes, Arthritis.  Then had a MRI of my brain contrast/non contrast that was normal.  Went to a Neurologist about 3 months ago and symptoms seemed diminished.  Head and leg were fine, just in arm below the elbow.  All physical exams have been normal for sensations and strength.
He examined the MRI and suggested a Lumbar Puncture and tests for Lyme Disease, Syphalis, and HIV.  All are negative!  Which is great, however, symptoms are getting worse again, and I am at a loss at what to do next.  This has all caused considerable stress and anxiety which has sent me to a Psychiatrist and has me taking Xanex when needed.  
Wanted to see make sure we are not missing anything!  Feel fine otherwise.  Any ideas what to do next?

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Unfortunately without seeing you and your test results, I cannot be the person to ruleout any missed causes of your symptoms. One good suggestion I can make though is that if there is something serious going on, it will present itself in other ways that will make the diagnosis more apparent to your doctors - time will tell. the longer the symptoms remain isolated to your described symptoms then they are likely to be not from a serious disease. There are some rarer disease that could be tested for but the yeild is likely to be low - forinstance sarcoidosis (havbe you had a chestxray or ACE blood level), vitamin B6 levels, ANA and anti Ro/La antibodies for inflammatory problems, thyroid functin tests, and paraneoplastic antibodies (an immune system related process, especially if there is chin numbness).

Good luck
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MsSirio I can sympathize with you greatly. Last year around August I began to feel tingling and numbness in both my feet. thinking I just needed another adjustment I went to the chiropracter which did not help. It began to spread up my legs and then started in my hands and eventually spread all over my body. there were times at night when I thought I would have to go to the emergency room. I went to see my family doctor who checked my blood, urine, thyroid and etc. Everything was normal. He gave me a referral to see a neurologist where I had EMG tests, MRIs of the spine, MRI of the brain with contrast and nerve conduction tests. All normal. He put me on Neurontin which was like a magic bullet but its taking larger and larger doses to have the same effect. I am hoping that the medicine will take hold at the max dose. He thinks its from depression. I never heard of depression causing such symptoms? Like you I am scared and don't know where to turn next. I went to a Psychiatrist who put me on Effexor which I hope will work. I will pray for you and hope the lord will send you to the right people.
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Hi. I have had a burning/tingling/numbness sensation, constant  for almost 2 years now. I have it mostly in my feet and lower legs but have also had it all over my body, seeming to migrate from place to place. I saw my MD, a local neurologist, and a neurologist at Univ of Chicago Hosp. Have had neurological exam, brain and spine MRIs with and without contrast, every blood test they could think of, evoked potentials test, EMG. Everything is normal. Tried Xanax and an antidepressant (which only magnified my symptoms drastically and also made me puke) since nothing shows up neurologically which must mean it's all in my head, right, and I must have anxiety. (Which I don't). I continue to be amazed at how many people seem to have similar symptoms with normal test results. I wonder more and more if it isn't something environmental, allergy-related, or SOMETHING out there causing these weird symptoms. I personally have just decided to learn to live with it, at least until (or unless) something more happens or it becomes so bad I can't live with it. Then I think I'll go a more holistic route, since traditional medicine has done me absolutely no good. I hope you are able to get an answer, since that seems like the hardest thing--just the not knowing. If you do get an answer, I hope you'll remember to post it here. Good luck.
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Thanks for your comments churchsec. The only thing i can think of is a possible neurotransmitter deficit. Ive tried every supplement known to man but none of it works. I go to see the neurologist again November 2nd. If I didn't take the neurontin i would not be able to work. I am in the health field and I never see the symptoms that i am having. Some say its your sub-concious mind turning inward to punish you. I don't know if i buy into that either.
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Hi,I'm really glad that I came by this forum, I have been suffering from an illness for over five years.  The doctors are baffled by the tingling, numbness that I have, which basically is in my face to (include head, tongue throat, chin forehead), spine hands, arms neck, nape and feet and legs.  It first started in my legs, the symptoms are so bad that if you can imagine a cold sensation over the burning and intense prickling, its something you can't ignore, becasue it doesn't go. I can take medicine to reduce it, when I find that magic pill iI shall be over the moon.
I think that the biggest problem is for most people is that they want a cure, I don't blame you, because that is how I have felt desperatley for the past six months.  Comments that it is in your head, or you have anxiety is usually expressed when they can find no answer to your illness.

To anyone though that has shortness of breath involeved with this and has been diagnosed with asthma, but is unre=sponsive to the inhalers, please look up vocal cord dysfunction and get in contact with the jeish research medical centre in Denver USA.

Trial and error, or should I say guinea pig is basically what you become when you have these conditions, so keep up that chin and hopefully a good doctor out there will actually look at you, listen to your symptoms and not the text books, sign you off as a looney.  Some disorders cannot be diagnosed by blood tests.

God Bless
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The common thread to most of these postings seems to be that once all the tests come back NORMAL, the medical profession then assumes it is IN YOUR HEAD, and prescribe antidepressants or else refer you to a psychiatrist.  I have "been there and done that" and  can assure you that my symptoms are very real and have drastically affected the quality of my life.  I was also prescribed EFFEXOR and took it for three days. I was dizzy enough before taking it, and it made those symptoms much worse.  I couldn't walk down the hall without getting dizzier and wanting to throw up.  I told my husband that I would much prefer to endure the pain, burning, tingling etc. before I would continue to take a drug that made me act like a zombie.

At least now my neuro has accepted the fact that I am not a neurotic anxious person, who manifests these symptoms.  He can measure the spasticity and problems with my balance and coordination and impaired gait.  However, my speech isn't always affected but when that happens I can't get the word out at all, or else repeat the first word about five times.  I never stuttered or stammered in my previous 50 plus years, so there has to be an explanation for that.  I have had a history of allergies and my ANA is elevated and I have inflammation within my body.  My fingers are always swollen and my eyelids.  

Hopefully, someday somebody will find an explanation for people afflicted with undiagnosed neurological disorders. The test results may be NORMAL, but we know what a normal lifestyle was like before all this happened.  

Usually people respond to a disease with similar symptoms, but from reading these posts, many have a cause, a previous accident, surgery, falls etc.  For those who don't have a cause, there has to be a TRIGGER somewhere to set it all off.  

When I reflect on my past health history, I can now relate that I had Bell's Palsy, Shingles, Allergies, Tonsils removed, kidney stones and repeated bladder infections, as well as contacting Chicken Pox as a newborn infant.  I am not a doctor, but my guess is that the Herpes Zoster virus has been present within my system almost from birth.  As we age, our immune system weakens and we are prone to contacting diseases much more frequently.  Any immmue related disorder usually results in the an over-active immune system, which attacks the body itself.

It would be interesting to hear from people who may aldo have had allergies, Bell's Palsy or similar immune related disorders.  Even a virus can trigger these symptoms, but not everbody is affected the same way.  That's my contribution for today.  I hope it generates some feedback.  

God Bless,
The Canadian

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I've had cold sores for years and have taken acyclovir for them.  This past year or so I've been getting bad cold sores monthly.  About one year ago I woke up with continuous ringing in my ears which has never gone away. Last Feb. I started with dizzy spells.  Some severe, but mostly like I have motion sickness.  Since June I've had a burning sensation on my skin of my arms, jaw, and sometimes legs and back.  My neuro exam is not normal but all bloodwork and MRI of brain is normal.  My b12 was low normal and my cholesterol is very low.  I wonder if it is liver related.  I've also had 4 mercury fillings replaced in my teeth and have read that mercury amalgams can cause neuro symptoms.  You start to grab at straws I guess.  This is a great forum.  Keep us updated.
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One poster mentioned a trigger that might have caused our UNKNOWN problems. In my case I was under a great deal of stress when my neuro problem went off. I always had foot tingling and numbness especially on the right which was due to a pinched nerve in my back always made right with chiropractic adjustments. It began the same way waxing and waning over a period of weeks. Then BAM the pain was excruciating and spread everywhere. I often wonder if we sometimes put ourselves in turbo mode too often and something just short circuits creating a vicious feedback loop. Stress in my case amplifies the symptoms a hundred fold. Last March when work was really slow i thought it was going away and when work got busy again it started to really intensify. I never could tolerate stress well and i think this might have something to do with it. I can tell you one thing NEVER surf the internet trying to diagnose your problem if you are an anxious person. I did that and was convinced i had a 100 of the worlds most dreaded diseases.
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One thing that i have learned over the years is to be prepared when i go to the doctor, to make a log of my symptoms maybe a week before my appointment, or to write a letter to the doctor, especially if you suffer from mental fog.  I think that alot of the time we tend to overwhelm the doctors with ALL of our symptoms.  Stay focused on the symptom that bothers you the most, lets face it , when you are in pain, you don't exercise, so alot of whats wrong with you, is de-conditioning, or basically over doing it when you know that you should be resting, taking it easy, accept your illness, yeah and don't surf the net, trying to figure out whats wrong.  Do things to occupy your mind instead of dwelling on it.  Mind over matter is a powerful thing.  I can't ignore that I am sick, but I'm not going to lay down and die, i want to live a good life, maybe not quite like I would have wanted to, but its like the old cliche there is always someone worse than you.
I had a cousin that had a sroke when she was twelve, sometimes I htink thats where I draw my strength, she died when she was 17, she was paralyzed from the neck down, waht a wonderful kid, i only have to put myself in her shoes and imagine waht it was like for her, I can't but ladies I encourage you to remain strong and well your illnesses, you're not alone.
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You're absolutely right!  I'm an anxious person by nature and I have the burning and tingling in my feet which started last week.  I looked it up on the internet and threw myself into a panic!!!  It's the worst thing to do.
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I have the exact same problem, in the exact same places. My Neuro says it's from a car accident, but I'm not real confident about that. I don't see how whiplash can cause that kind of thing, and how it can last for 10 months.

I too have been told that I have anxiety problems, and was give Xanax, which I have never even filled the prescription to!

They even put me in Physical Therapy and said I just needed to strenghten my muscles up, I was too week.

Best of luck, and God Bless.

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I have had some of the symptoms you described. For the past two weeks I have had headaches all over the head, especially intense behind the eyes and over the tops of ears. I have had loss of appetite (but have indigestion when I do force myself to eat) and tingling in both lower legs and both hands. My blood pressure is normal but I take Bennicar and Norvasc to keep it there. My doctor drew some blood when I reported these symptoms, and the blood came back with no problems and he diagnosed me with  "viral infection" and prescribed famiclovir. I have seen a dermatologist for discoloration on my lower lips just below the vermillion, he diagnosed it as contact dermatitis, but they remain after a week in spite of using desonide cream. I had a CT scan done a few days ago and the doctor said it could be maxillary sinus infection and he prescribed Augmentin which I've been on for three days the symptoms of head pressure seem to be getting worse. Is it possible I've been misdiagnosed a few times over just within the past couple of weeks? Do any of these symptoms strike a chord with anyone?
37 year old male
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Hi............This won't help everyone reading this thread, but I'm a 56 year old female who has suffered from burning and tingling in my head and limbs for a number of years.  I am convinced that for me it is related to the menopause and falling levels of estrogen.  At times it has driven me insane.  There is no relief and doctors just think it's all in my mind.  It finally went away and then recently I started using an estrogen cream.  After 6 months I stopped using it.  3 months later the symptoms are back.  It is my guess that the estrogen built up in my system and took about 3 months to work its way out again.  Result is that my nerves miss it again!  I believe it will right itself once more, but in the meantime it isn't pleasant.
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Now, I understand that I am not crazy to feel the sensations  of burning all over my body especially on my neck and back. It really has become very uncomfortable and scary at the same time! I even have other symptoms like chest pain and blurring vision and loss of balance..My doctor has done MRI's -but nothing yet..due for a EEG soon. I will bring up the voice disorder- because before all this I been struggling with a hoarse voice for months.I even read up about the Jewish clinic too. Thank you everyone!
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i`m a girl from germany and i would like to ask you something: i have all those symptoms too (burning an tingling sensations all over my body), and i always think that it has to be multiple sclerosis (ms). don`t you think so?
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Hi, Ruptured my L4-5 disc in 2000 micro surgery - slow recovery. 2005 August headache over left eye 3 weeks just would not go. Not bad headache, annoying. I do not suffer from headaches and am a fairly healthy person. Depression set in deep and dark, scarry,doctor put in on Prozac.Started shaking.After 2 weeks depression going and I went off the Prozac against doctors instructions.Stopped shaking. Dont like taking drugs unless needed.  Am not a person who suffers from depression .  September lifted something minor and tore same L4-5 disc wall.Heard or felt the rip.  Hospitalized 4 days, pain. Lots of drugs, morphine etc. Came out taking Capadex.  Which I no long take.  Trying just to take Panamax and if I have a really bad day will take a couple of Mysandol which will help me sleep.Have this deep pain only on a scale of about 1-2 in my bottom seems to be deep inside. Notice it when I sit.  
Noticed numbness & tingling setting in right heal,then over a course of several weeks went from heal to leg, then Left heal to leg, then Right hand and arm then left hand and arm.  Left cheek then forehead and then right cheek and chin.  Even sometimes seems to be in my gums and its as if you want to clench my teeth. Horrible sensation.   Headache all the time this  heat,tingling rawness sensation with head pressure and headache which never goes only seems to be lying quietly or comes out.  I am not in bad pain as the pain of the injury to my back which was a rating of 10.But these feelings are not pleasant.Had all the tests, everthing good. Lucky me - yes told me it could be my nerves also. No way.  Neurosurgeon said was because of my back injury but all other doctors said hands and face nothing to do with back. Going back to Neurosurgeon in January next available appointment.Today after 3 months think things are improving. Legs and Arms not as bad. Hopeful, will see what happens. So much is unknown and the worst is you get sick of being sick.
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Hi All,
I rarely post notes on the internet but I was diagnosed after 6(!) years with late stage lyme disease.  MOST people with this disease are diagnosed very late...bottom line...
I know this disease well, I've had it for 10 years.  The neurological symptoms many of describing are very suggestive of lyme disease.  As Carol mentions, it causes a whole host of problems and SO many people go undiagnosed.
DO NOT trust one doctor, or one test to rule out this disease. It is far more common than folks know...it's every where, in every state...I was bit by a tick in Washington State...but have no recollection of this...very typical scenario.
GET YOUR BLOOD TO IGENEX in Palo Alto,CA via a LLMD  (lyme literate medical doctor.)  FIND A DOCTOR WHO KNOWS LYME well... do not trust anyone that doesn't treat Lyme Disease on a regular basis.  I'd go to www.ilads.org.  Call them and they can direct you.  I had 3 lyme ("elisas") done ...all negative.  When I found a LLMD...he did the right testing, and I was clearly positive...diagnosed late makes for a very challenging recovery but at least I know what the heck is wrong.  
I'm an RN and it was only thru my own persistance and research that I was correctly diagnosed.  Sounds like you all have the same determination.  Good luck to all.

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I too have the burning and tingling in my right leg, and foot, up to the back of my knee.  Frankly, I have also been dizzy, and even feel like my speech is different, slower, a bit slurred.  This has been one STRANGE year as far as health goes.  I have run-a-muck with possiblities and searching for the answers.  One woman wrote a post that made some sense, and that is the menopause.  It would be very interesting to hear the numbers of people on this post that are women in the menopause ages.  I will admit that I am.  I hope and pray that menopause is the answer and pray for the day that I feel 'like myself' again.
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I have suffered for the last 7 months. It started as burning in my head. It then also moved to my face where it felt like stinging sensation. It was also accompanied by anxiety. After many months of this it changed to a cold sensation anmd or a feeling like someon rubbed bengay all over me. I have had trouble blow drying my hair, I couldn't even stand having wet hair because it made my head feel so cold. I have also had disorientation liek someone whacked me in the head without the pain. Sometimes it switches from buring to cold and back and forth. But I noticed alot of things about this. it seems that my nociceptors in my face head , down my back etc were like hyper senstive. it also flaired up if I had not drank enough water, I also noticed that taking plenty of vitamins especially calcium and magnesium greatly effects and I have gotten much better I also ran around to a bunch of doctors that knew nothing and oculd not help. Blood work all normal.

I wold first encourage everyone to check out the website www.mgwater.com and understand what magnesium can do for you.

Secondly , I have come to the conclusion that I have candidiasis...a fungal overgrowth in the intestines caused by taking antibiotics, birth control pills, steroids poor diet , stress etc. Candidiasis causes mineral deficiencies as a result of malabsorbtion in the intestine. This call all cause unexplainable neurological symtpoms. Since I have begun treating myself I have improved drastically.

You can find tons of info on candidiasis by going to www.google.com and searching candida, yeast, or candidiasis.

Also visit Curezone candida board...very helpful
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help. am 80yrs old. ever since (i think) i had teeth pulled, i have had dry and burning lips. dr thinks maybe a nerve was damaged during this. i use chap stick every 2 hrs or sooner because my lips get dry and start burning and tingling. i would have surgery to correct this if possible. dr states nothing can be done. any coments will be appreciated.
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Its quite possible that some of you might have suffered a mild stroke which is causing these symtoms I had a brain stem stroke 5 years ago which left me with a number of problems one of which was a burning sensation down my left side mainly on the forearm and leg, some numbness in both feet and some burning on the right side of the face and numbness as well if rain hits my face it is very painfull I was perscribed gabapentin (neurotin) for my headaches but as a previous writer has pointed out the dose may need to increase with use.
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My burning started in my feet about one year ago..It is periodic and episodic.Last month I started to have the same sensation in my head.It comes and goes.I was taken off HRT about one year ago so BINGO to the idea of menopause related.I also have an ongoing struggle with the herpes virus and am taking valtrex.I have family members who struggle with serious SHINGLES.My father, (other side of family) has serious neropathy and takes huge amts of neurontin, 1600mg daily to manage the pain. Recently his dose was decreased because of dementia like symptoms, with improvement noted in his thinking.Neurontin is also used to treat depression and mood disorders. On the Psych ward we see large doses needed to manage symptoms.I don't recommend it as a first defense for mental illnesses but in reasonable doses for neurological pain.My neurological signs are good so I don't feel I need an indepth workup unless the symptoms worsen.
Overview:Rule out menopause related. Rule out herpes/chickenpox virus related. I appreciate the input on LYME disease. My backyard is wooded and I'm an avid camper so I'm interested in getting that ruled out. I would encourage all to avoid narcotics and habit forming antianxiety medications.Antidepressants are a reasonable approach and can be taken safely with out risk for addiction.
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Hello.  I this is my first time here.  I was surprised, scared and releived to have read everyone's comments.  I have recently been experiencing these symptoms.  I was first diagnosed with a anxiety, panic disorder.  However, I feel that these sensations are different.  The extremities of the tingliness in the head, face, eyes, ears, legs and arms just doesn't seem like they are related to stress or anxiety.

I have a doctors appt tomorrow so to hopefully rule out MS, LYME Disease, Brain Tumors...(YIKES).

But what tribal_girl said -  2 comments up - about Candida is something I had heard before.  It is a yeast that lives in our bodies that may overgrow.  The typical modern diet, antibiotics, medications, birthcontrol helps sustain the growth.  It appears to be a cause of numerous problems in our health.

I'd like to know more about your candida treatment.  I read that your symptoms have drastically improved.  Could you possible shed some more light for us.

Thank you to everyone for their comments.  It really helps to know that you are not alone!
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Hi, Just found this site while seeking a solution to my problem.
I, too have a burning sensation of the skin, my being located mainly in the inner thighs and pubic area, with sometime a pulling feeling of the skin in that area.  I can also get random burning/tingling anywhere on my body.  I have had this for many years and it seems to be brought on by stress.  I have tried to explain to doctors that the tingling feels like if you were in a shower and a drop of cold water hit your face.  

The stress was brought on by the death of my father-in-law on 1/26 and my husband not dealing with it very well, sometimes drinking and then being verbally abusive to me.  Also my college age daughters feel we are putting them in the middle when we argue.

I wish I do how to cope with this burning, because it is 24/7, only getting relief when I sleep.  Because I feel it the minute I wake up, it is constantly consuming me.  I do not have any rashes, just this burning, pulling sensation of the skin.  It also makes me feel like I have no control over it, because I feel very edgy and confused and can not even relax when I am wating TV.  When I don't have these sensations, I can be a very relaxed person who enjoys life.  What are my alternatives regarding going back to a doctor.  Sometimes I feel embarrassed talking about this as I feel they all think it is in my mind, which it probably is and is triggered by stress.  If anyone can help, I appreciate your response.
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Good morning, finally a place where people have the same symptoms as me, mine all started back in July, started with bladder problems which went away, then the tingling started, which i am still having, could be any part of my body, all this started after my Mother died, been to several doctors, last was a neurologist, did some tests, said he dose not think it is ms, because the tingling is jumbing all over, thinks it is hyperventilation syndrome from my breathing which is caused from anxiety, i could sure use some advice, thanks?
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Good morning, finally a place where people have the same symptoms as me, mine all started back in July, started with bladder problems which went away, then the tingling started, which i am still having, could be any part of my body, all this started after my Mother died, been to several doctors, last was a neurologist, did some tests, said he dose not think it is ms, because the tingling is jumbing all over, thinks it is hyperventilation syndrome from my breathing which is caused from anxiety, i could sure use some advice, thanks?
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Hello:  I have many symptoms for quite awhile. I am seeing a
Dr. soon. I just wanted to mention that I was on a blood pressure medication simular to Benicar. I was then put on Benicar. One of the side effects of these type B/P meds is sinusitis. Besides tingling in feet and red feet and hands I would get horrible sinusitis. I finally figured it out as at that
time this was not listed as a side effect.  I contacted the drug
company myself and they told me I was not crazy.  I had never in
my 65 years had sinusitis and with the B/P med had had it 6 times
that year. I had taken it for almost 2 years when this started to happen.  That is when another Dr. put me on Benicar with the
same result.  There was no rebound hypertension with the other drug so in testing I would go off the med, get cleared up and try it again with the same result. That is when I contacted the
drug company.  I have tried to take the Benicar and just can't. I thought this might help you. I have always had problems taking most medications.
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My husband has had these Burning Sensations as well.  He has had every test and he is normal.

I have been researching the net and a lot of people have the same symptoms.  And it seems everyone has had the same test and they to came out normal.

On this site I came across something I have not explored before which is Aspartame.  Trying to cut down on sugar and salt, we eat a lot of low sodium and sugar free products.  After looking at the products many of the sugar free items have Aspartame.  Several web sites say Aspartame is toxic.

Could the Burning Sensation be a toxic reaction?

So my question to everyone is - How many of you consume Sugar Free items that have Aspartame?

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I have had numbness and tingling in my left hand which only included my "pinky" finger. During my last pregnancy the pain began to include my left elbow. Bumping or touching my elbow at times would set off a pain that would bring tears to my eyes. When I gave birth to my son I explained the symptoms to a nurse who was quick to say, "Carpal tunnel" which sometimes goes away after the baby's birth. Well my elbow got better, then symtoms came back. Now I have the burning in both my feet. It seems to travel straight down from each big toe. Describing the pain to others is hard. It feels like the skin is being overstretched, or maybe a muscle ripping and causing a burning sensation. When I sit on the floor I have to be careful not to touch the floor with the top of my feet, it is painful!! And something I have noticed recently, when I take a shower my skin shows a red splotchiness right where the pain is on each foot. The pain in my feet is constant but the pain in my hand and elbow comes and goes. It may stay for months and then disappear for a while. I have been to my chiropractor and it hasn't helped. I don't know where to start with doctors because I had trouble a few years back and spent thousands on test after test like others are reporting.
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My burning skin condition is just about gone with a little discomfort left. There is some minor burning and a little pain; it is like there is some skin damage that needs to heal. Before I describe what happened let me share what worked. I took the antihistamine Zytrec but I would think any OTC one like Benadryl would do it also. What an interesting month or so; I do not wish this on anybody.

My burning skin sensation felt like sunburn but the skin was not red or hot. It felt like the skin was burning just under the surface.

I think it all started on a vacation in Florida in late February. Out of the blue I felt a sharp pain in my left arm. It felt like an insect bite but the critter was not around and the spot did not turn red. I completely forgot about this until yesterday. (Somebody else thought this conjecture is complete hooey but what happened next is real.) About two weeks ago, I started experiencing a burning sensation in that arm. It would be quite intense after dinner so I assumed it was something I ate. I initially thought it might be Niacin since that causes very similar conditions but it usually occurs on the face. However, others I have seen it over the full body. That didn't work and the pain started popping up in other places. Occasionally it would be in the same place on the right arm. Momentarily it would occur on the right jaw. I attributed that to shaving although I never had that happen before. It never really lasted anyplace else except the left arm.

Then it started growing day by day. First it went onto the left shoulder. Next it traveled across the shoulders. It extended down the right arm. Over the weekend it went up the neck and down to the middle of the back. It was worse at night. I do not know if it is related but I got the sweats and sometimes the chills.

What I find odd is that the pain stayed on areas that could be attributed to sunburn. It never went under the arm or to the chest area. I do not think it has anything to do with the sun since I stay covered up. Secondly, why so late after returning from Florida?

All I know is that it looks like it going away after taking the antihistamine. Right now it is basically back to the left arm. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone completely.

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Hello, I have run across this forum and became very intrigued as I have currently several symptoms similar to many of those listed in other postings. Lately, I have been experiencing shortness of breath, accompanied by a tingling/burning sensation (numbness) on the top of my head, then moves to the back then moves to the forehead. Also sometimes around the mouth. I will occasionally get dizzy. I went to the doctor recently for a physical and explained the symptoms and he suggested I had anxiety and I should see a psychiatrist. I am trying to re-schedule with a different doctor so he/she can conduct a more thorough exam. I was diagnosed with anxiety before however, this is different than the time before. Any ideas?
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Hello, Before I make a comment concerning some of the things I read, let me fill you in on my burning skin episode. I am the one that it started in the left arm and moved across the back. Zytrec really helped but it has a side effect that is bothersome
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I had a stroke on the left side of my brain 12/31.  After that I had continuing episodes of right side numbness of the face, leg and foot.
Last week I started having numbness or burning sensations in my head, around mouth, nose, front of lower legs and ears.  Also I had shooting electic like impulses going through my head.  Today the top/right hand side of my head was really burning.   My neurologist has said he thinks this is TIA's from the brain stem.  If so, I have had 100's!  The burning sensation seems to be getting more intense and spreading to more areas.  I am going for MRA's tomorrow.  I had most of one day symptom free but it came back very strongly the day following.
Anyone else had this?
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Hi, I too have the tingling and burning sensations all over my body but not at any one point of time. It moves here and there and sometimes it feels very bad. Before all these, I had a severe  back ache. I went to a neurologist for an MRI and came to know that I had a C4 disc bulge which caused the back ache. I was prescribed few tablets like Myoril and went to neuro therapy for a week after which my back pain got completely cured. But I had these tingling and burning sesations at the time of my back ache. Then I checked with a physician and was prescribed to take ATARAX which gave some relief. Now I am in US and started having these sensations again. These sensations may be due to anxiety or a form of paresthesias but not sure why most people have these symtoms that are still undiagnoized. Let me know if any one of you gets a diagonized results of these sensations.

God Bless...
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My MRA came back ok.  No blockages of the blood vessles in my brain stem.

Now I have a new symptom.  Yesterday evening I had sudden numbness in my lower left arm and left toes.  I then started feeling absolutely horrible.  It all lasted about an hour or so and left me feeling still weak today.  I am also noticing some problems with my speech.  Not much, but a little.

Every doctor says go to the emergency room.  Even when I had the stroke the brain scan didn't show it.  A later MRI did.  Right now I am feeling really tired of it all.  When you are ill the emergency rooms finish you off and don't often help the situation.  It seems the medical profession is better at being pill pushers than resolving problems........

Sorry I sound so negative, but I bet lots of you have felt the same as I feel today!
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I am so glad to hear that I am not alone in this world.  This all has been going on for 3+ years.I'vehad an mri that showed a few "NBO's" but was read neg for MS.  A subsequent Lumbar puncture that was copletely normal.  I've had every kind of blood test known to mankind.  I have pain in various parts of my body...both sides and numbnesses and tinglings in both sides of my body.  Right now my right thigh is BURNING like crazy.  I have occasional muscle twitches but no real spasms.  Have been told I have tennis elbow in left elbow and patellar femoral syndrome in my left knee.  I have fatigue and take medicine to sleep.  I DO have anxiety problems but I feel like these symptoms cause my anxiety but my doctors feel the other way around.  I should mention that I had a neuro work-up that was normal.  I've been told I have "fibromyalgia" because all of the aches and pains but I have a hard time believing all these symtoms can come from that...even though some of the lists of the FMS websites say so.  I've had one test for Lyme disease but I'm really interested in following that possibility.  I went through a bout of depression and extreme anxiety and panic b/c I thought I had MS and sometimes those old thoughts creep back in.
Anyone have any good advice???
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I'm experiencing, burning and tingling all over my body. IT comes and goes. I'm so scared that it might be a serious disease, like MS. Please I don't know what to do some people think it might be fibromyalgia. But the only thing I know I have a lot of stress in my life right now. And it starts while I got a fear to have a serious illness. That's why others think it might be anxiety. PLease tell what doctor I should see What test I need to get be done.

THank you. God blees all of you.
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Hi, I have "m.s." or so they diagnosed my 6 years ago.  I personally have my doubts and still investigating lymes.  The only one consolation I can offer is to take care of your mental health, keeping your stress levels down as much as possible.  I had to find out the hard way in the last year and a half, especially the last 3 months.  I was hopitalized 2 times, the last time for 8 days as a result of stress, which has been building up for the last couple of years.  This in turn caused me to become depressed, caused an "attack".  The doctor, who took care of me in the hospital recognized my state and put me on an anti-depressant.  At first I was not too willing to take it, seeing as this might be a sign of weakness.  "Who Me?"  I've been raising 4 kids on my own for 9 years, the last 6 with my "m.s." and thought I was strong, but I realized it was o.k. to accept help in the form of this magic little anti-depressant pill.  It has started to level out my seratonin levels and I've been getting much stronger and much more optimistic than I've felt in years. Sometimes we have to acknowledge we need help.  Stress causes illness, causes stress, causes depression, causes stress, causes illness etc.  It's a vicious circle, it's up to you to interrupt it.  Take charge and ask for help, in any way.  It's ok.  This is too anyone who is scared and feeling helpless.  Don't give up.
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Hi, I have "m.s." or so they diagnosed my 6 years ago.  I personally have my doubts and still investigating lymes.  The only one consolation I can offer is to take care of your mental health, keeping your stress levels down as much as possible.  I had to find out the hard way in the last year and a half, especially the last 3 months.  I was hopitalized 2 times, the last time for 8 days as a result of stress, which has been building up for the last couple of years.  This in turn caused me to become depressed, caused an "attack".  The doctor, who took care of me in the hospital recognized my state and put me on an anti-depressant.  At first I was not too willing to take it, seeing as this might be a sign of weakness.  "Who Me?"  I've been raising 4 kids on my own for 9 years, the last 6 with my "m.s." and thought I was strong, but I realized it was o.k. to accept help in the form of this magic little anti-depressant pill.  It has started to level out my seratonin levels and I've been getting much stronger and much more optimistic than I've felt in years. Sometimes we have to acknowledge we need help.  Stress causes illness, causes stress, causes depression, causes stress, causes illness etc.  It's a vicious circle, it's up to you to interrupt it.  Take charge and ask for help, in any way.  It's ok.  This is too anyone who is scared and feeling helpless.  Don't give up.
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