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CMT Type V

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Posted by CCF Neurology* on April 05, 1998 at 16:07:46:

In Reply to: Re: Re: CMT Type V posted by HM on April 04, 1998 at 02:52:41:

: Thank you very much for your reply.  I understand everything except:
  "CMT V is ... characterized by ... pyramidal signs."  Can you
  please explain that term?
Dear HM,
Pyramidal signs also known as corticospinal and upper motor neuron signs are terms used  to explain the symptoms produced by a lesion of the motor nerve cells as they course from the brain tissue to the spinal cord. The pyramidal tract is only a small part of this path but again these terms are used interchangeably.  A lesion here is not specific for any one disease.  The signs include increased deep tendon reflexes, spasticity (stiffness), atrophy that is slight due to disuse and weakness in groups of muscles. I hope this helps to clarify. Good luck.

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