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Chemical Imbalance

  Six months ago I went to see a Neurologist complaining of an irritation of the nerves in my hands and feet. It usually occurs in the evening when I'm sleeping. The feeling gets to be so unbearable that I can't sleep.I also get numbness in different areas of my body such as my leg or arm. The doctor said because the numbness wasn't occuring in the same area and because the symptoms do go away that I had a shemical imbalance. He put me on a low doseage of Kolonopin for six months. At first the medicine seemed to work and now the symptoms are back and they are worse than before.These symptoms for started about four years ago.The first neurologist did a MRI and said that all he could find was mild inflammation of the nerves.   I am in between insurance now and won't be able to go back to a doctor until February.I am starting to get concerned about these symptoms. Could it be something other then a chemical imbalance?I also had some blood work done and nothing showed up.If this is a chemical imbalncee,is there a cure? Thanks!
Thanks for your question.  It is difficult to comment on the diagnosis of
"chemical imbalance", because it is too vague.  It is also to difficult to
understand how a MRI scan led to the conclusion of "inflammation in nerves".
Given the prolonged duration of your sensory symptoms (without any apparent
motor impairment?), one should consider the possibility of a pure sensory
peripheral polyneuropathy.  A number of blood tests should be included in
the evaluation of such processes: Vitamin B12 and folate levels; titers of
anti-Hu, and anti-MAG antibodies; electrophoresis of serum proteins; ANA,
cryoglobulins, TSH, sedimentation rate.  One should also consider the
necessity of an electrodiagnostic test, such as EMG/NCS.  If your are
seeking a second medical opinion, a neurologist specialized in peripheral
nervous system would be your best option.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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