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Compression Neuropathy

Hello :-)

Is it possible to have a "compression" neuropathy in the feet due to severe OA ?    I have been diagnosed with Charcot Joint by a rheumatologist but have NO symptoms other than collapsing bone structures.  Long ago the podiatrist said the severe destruction from the OA resulted in nerve compression and hence the neuropathy.  The neurologist said the neuropathy (of unknown origin) caused the collapse of the bones/Charcot Joints.  I've been through extensive testing for the cause of the neuropathy but everything came back negative including cervical MRI for syringomyelia.  Is the podiatrist's impression totally wrong ?
Thank you !
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Hi, “diabetes is now considered to be the most common etiology of Charcot arthropathy.
Neuropathic joints, often called Charcot joints, are caused by loss of sensation in the joint so that it is severely damaged and disrupted. The damage and disruption is often so gross that the diagnosis of a neuropathic joint is easily made, both on clinical examination and x-ray, because no one who had sensation would tolerate such destruction of the joint.

However, the concept that the patient without sensation smashes the joint with impunity may be an oversimplification as there may be problems related to autonomic neuropathy, poor blood supply and mismatch of bone destruction and synthesis.

For more information visit http://www.emedicine.com/Orthoped/topic381.htm

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I am not diabetic and,as stated, have been through extensive testing with no known cause even though I subsequently found that my brother and sister also have foot neuropathies.  My sensory impairments consist of a feeling of adhesive tape being wound tightly around my foot at the instep with some numbness of the balls of my feet and some toes.  I have intact superficial sensation.  I take anti-inflammatory meds and the amount of pain relief is about 85% with weight bearing, without meds my pain with weight bearing is 8 on a 1-10 scale.  My PCP want me to stop the meds because of possible damage to the kidneys eventually.  This is why I am asking if the neuropathy can be a compression neuropathy due to the destruction of the OA which began about 10 years ago with neuopathic signs beginning about 5 years ago. My profession(39 years) required being on my feet most of the day.
Thank you.
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