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DHEA and Multiple Sclerosis

Posted By Dr. Brett Curtis on October 12, 1998 at 12:56:05:

In Reply to: Multiple Sclerosis treatment with DHEA posted by jack lewis
on July 28, 1997 at 08:15:52:

: Hello, there,
: I recently read the below posting. I just wanted to say that I also have chronic (primary) progressive multiple sclerosis, and that I have been trying DHEA for the past two weeks.
: Since I started the DHEA, I no longer have tingling and numbness in my extremities--nor do I have fatigue. I have tried almost everthing for my MS, including Betaseron (Currently I take vitamins and follow a very low fat diet--as well as taking 5mg of DHEA in the morning and 10mg in the evening).
: If you have primary progressive MS....you may want to try a similar (low) dose of DHEA. You can find it in most health stores. I felt a REAL difference very quickly (one hour after taking my first 10mg).
: You should know that I am of the OPINION that primary progressive MS is SOMEHOW different than R&R (and perhaps the other forms of MS as well). Primary progressive patients seem to respond very badly to the interferon treatments (like Betaseron).
: If you decide to try DHEA, please let me know how you fair. My email address is listed above.
: I wish you the very best of luck.
: Dr. Curtis
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Posted By ccf neuro M.D.* on August 18, 1997 at 16:24:14:
: In Reply to: Multiple Sclerosis treatment with DHEA posted by jack lewis
: on July 28, 1997 at 08:15:52:
: : I have chronic progressive multiple sclerosis and heard about possible
: treatment with DHEA.
: : Do you have any information on this?
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: DHEA, or dihydroepiandesterone, is a compound that is an intermediary
: substance in the body's pathway to the formation of sex steroid
: hormones, such as testosterone in men or estrogens in women. It has
: recently been aggressively marketed as a "nutritional" or "vitamin"
: supplement for fatigue, loss of libido, and various other problems. In
: many people who take it, it does seem to produce a subjective feeling of
: well-being, however, there are no scientifically sound studies to
: demonstrate its efficacy or safety in the treatment of any human
: disease. On the other hand, it has been linked to an increased risk of
: sex-steroid sensitive cancers such as prostate cancer. A recent edition
: of The Medical Letter, a very reliable source of new drug information,
: stongly cautions against its use until the precise nature of the
: possible benefits, and particularly the risks, can be ascertained. I
: have not personally heard of the supplement being used for purposes of
: treating multiple sclerosis, and no data exist to support (or refute)
: its use at this time. Amantidine is a drug that has been around for a
: number of years that is often successful in reducing fatigue in M.S.
: patients, and you may wish to consider inquiring about it, if fatigue is
: your chief concern. Otherwise, only corticosteroid and interferon
: medications have been proven effective in altering the course of M.S. in
: a positive way. You may wish to contact the office of Dr. Richard Rudick
: at the Cleveland Clinic's Mellen Center for further information and/or
: to arrange an evaluation at this center, whose sole purpose is the
: diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. I hope this information
: is useful to you.

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Re: DHEA and Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Brett Curtis 10/12/98

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