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Demyelinating Syndrome

  I am a 31 year old female who has been diagnosed with "possible" MS.  They have found a white mass on my brain.  One minute, they  (doctors) refer to it as a mass and another time it is a brain tumor.  They are also saying it is MS, then they call it demyelinating syndrome.  What is this syndrome and how is related to MS and masses on the brain?  I respect your opinion on this matter.  I have submitted questions to you before on other matters and was very pleased with the reply I received.  Thanks so much for all the help!!!
Thanks for your question.  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the several
demyelinating diseases that can happen in Central Nervous System (CNS).
As the name implies, its principal pathological features is a destruction
of the myelin sheath (fatty covering) that surrounds the axons (long conducting
fibers) of the neurons.  Because of this myelin destruction, there is an
impairment of the transmission of information between neurons.  When one
looks a imaging study of brain (CT or MRI), there is a clear distinction
between a more superficial cortical gray matter (where the neuron are), and
the underlying subcortical white matter (where the neuronal axons/fibers are).
MS will manifest as a lesion situated in the white matter of CNS.  Usually
one will observe more than a single MS lesion, and there are other radiological
features (size, location, uniformity) that is more suggestive of MS and
not other pathologies.  However, sometimes it can be difficult to make
such distinction only on the basis of the imaging.  That is when the
clinical presentation, and additional exams (e.g. Cerebro-spinal Fluid
characteristics) are supportive or not of the diagnosis.
I hope this information is helpful.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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