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Diffused spots, seizures and tingling

  My neurologist told me that I have diffused spots all over the brain and CNS. I have seizures and lately I have tingling in the head and hands, specifically with the fingers. It is almost feels like an electrical spike at times, prickly at others. My concern here is that I tell my neurologist and he seems to be nonchalant about the whole thing, but continues to test. What is going on? Should I search for another neurologist? I don't believe this is normal, the spots and the tingling which will last for over 10 hours at a time. Any thoughts would be fantastic.  Thank you.
Dear Drew:
Sorry to hear about your problem.  It is almost impossible to give a diagnosis having not seen your brain images, blood work, EEG, and know your medication history, and most importantly, not having physically examined you.  I think you need to sit down with your neurologist and find out what he means when he says that you have "spots" all over your brain.  Ask him/her if the tingling could be a drug reaction, or due to continued seizures.  If he/she won't sit down and explain things to you, then likely you ought to get a second opinion about what is going on.  If you do, gather all the information so the doctor can review it all and give you a good neurological exam.  Best of luck,
CCF Neuro MD

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