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Dizziness, Tingling and Heaviness of Left Arm

For about 3 months now, I have been experiencing dizziness as well as heaviness, tingling sensation, and an overall weak feeling in my left arm mostly, but it also has traveled down the entire left side of my body. I am a 24 yr old healthy female. I went to the ER when it first started and was really bad. My entire left side was tingling, including the left side of my face, my left arm, leg and foot. It only happens on the LEFT side. When I walked it felt like my left ankle was just going to give out on me, it felt really weak. I was also EXREMELY dizzy. I was admitted and these symptoms were strong and lasted for over a day. I was in the hospital for 2 days and they ran a CT scan, an MRI, blood tests, and all came back negative. Gradually my symptoms started to fade. They released me after they had done every test they could think of without knowing what was causing them. Since then my symptoms have been coming and going, but not to the same intensity that they were when I went to the ER. Sometimes I will be fine and then it will just come on slowly and last for a few hours and then fade away. This happens daily if not every other day. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting or standing or being active or inactive, I will just start to feel really dizzy and off balance and then the arm heaviness, and ankle weakness will set in. I am going to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor so he can run tests as well. I had an extremely bad ear infection about 6 months ago where my equilibrium was off and I was dizzy. I am hoping it's some kind of virus that can be treated and not something serious like my heart or MS or anything like that. If anyone has had similar symptoms or has been diagnosed with something, PLEASE let me know what you think. I cannot keep going on without getting any answers. There has to be an explaination out there somewhere! Thank you so much for your comments.
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I am also around your age (26 female), and about a month ago i started getting similair symptoms... i got tingling in by body and my right arm and back of neck gets heavy... i also get what i think are muscle spasms in my calves... and like you i went to the ER and my tests came back okay... i am also freaking out about MS... (was crying everyday). The tingling is getting a little better, i am going to see another neurologist for a second opinion... but i wanted to let you know that you are not alone. The docs make me feel like i am crazy but i know my body and something is going on and i am scared...
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People keep telling me that I am too young to be having these symptoms and in the ER at first I felt like they thought I was a Hypochondriac. But when I stayed and was willing to go through 2 almost 3 days of tests, they took me seriously, but still couldn't find anything. I avoid going to the doctor and especially the Emergency Room at all costs! When I started having these symptoms I just knew something was wrong and this wasn't normal. I told my husband and he started freaking out about the left arm heaviness and numbness b/c my father died of a massive heart attack at a 54 only 2 years ago. I knew it probably wasn't heart related since I'm so young, but my husband is such a loving concerned person, he rushed me to the ER that night. That's when my symptoms were at their worst. Also, as I am typing right now, my left hand doesn't seem as responsive as my right hand and still feels heavy and weighted down. My appointment with the ENT is the first of May-that's the soonest I could get in for the ENG test and MRI with dye.  I PRAY that they can tell me what this is. In the Hospital they told me I was NOT anemic, also that my kidneys, liver, heart, and everything was working properly. They also did a sonogram of the nerves in my neck and it came back fine. I don't know how many other tests there are out there, but I'm willing to go through all of them to find out what this is and make it go away!
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  They can do a myelogram..to test the muscle and nerve connection...but it may be uncomfortable as they stick tiny needles in you. Also an EEG will check for any abnormal elecricity in your brain...there are seizures that cause these symptoms called simple partial seizures where you are fully awake and concious. I am a student nurse and my teacher has her masters and worked neurology and recommended these tests for me. I am waiting for my appt. too...good luck and keep me posted!
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When I was 4 I had a seizure, I've heard it called a grandma seizure. I was put on dilantin (sp.) for a while and I haven't had one since. They took me off the medicine and I've been healthy ever since. I told the doctors this, but they didn't seem to think anything of it since it was so long ago, is there a chance that they are coming back?
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i'm in the same boat as you. i have similar symptoms but can't get a diagnosis.  the tests have all been negative so far.  I'm thinking about visiting an ENT too.
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Hi am an the same age with very, very similar problems.  I too have been through all the tests as you and everything for the most part is normal.  MRI showed small FLAIR lesions.  Recently had VEEG to r/o seizure disorder which I don't have but some question as to wether there is "abnormal white matter disease".  Not sure where I stand now just waiting it out.  My symptoms seem to be more prominent on my right side, and really haven't had much visual changes just dizziness and numbness and extreme fatigue.  It is so variable it can be difficult to explain at times.  
Did you have MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine?  Did it show anything?  How about EMG?  
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