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Drug Interaction

Posted By Warren on May 28, 1997 at 13:50:43:

I had been on Zoloft for some time when I required much dental
work.  After getting several shots of novacaine, I began tremors.
After a second visit and more novacaine, I had a borderline seizure,
although conscious, my whole body jerked in a rythm for some time.
I called a hotline for drug interaction and was told there shouldnt
be a reaction from novacaine and zoloft.
  My doctor is taking me off zoloft now and I am very dizzy.  He is
suggesting paxil in two weeks....any suggestions as to what hit me
with this novacaine?  
  And, when zoloft was increased, I began sleeping day and night.  Can
one be allergic to these meds?
Thank you for this service on the net.
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