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Errors reading/speaking

A bit background, I'm totally a hypochondriac, I'm constantly scaring myself into making symptoms worse.  A couple weeks ago I had a constant pressure headache, in my forehead, temples, behind my eyes mostly.  It would come and go.  It was at that point I started worrying and noticing that I was making (more?) errors then normal when speaking.  Errors like occasionally lisping, combining words (e.g. Pour a full drink would come out as Pull a four drink), sometimes using a similar word that I meant that didn't quite fit. But I would instantly realize I made a mistake and correct it.  I also realized I was making small errors reading.  I'd add small words (like "to" or "for") to sentences, combine words, read a word as a similar looking word at first, pull in words from nearby sentences and insert them in the sentence.  Again, I realize the mistake and correct it almost instantly.  Now this has been going on for a week and a half, sometimes it seems worse then others.  I also sometimes feel slightly dizzy.  I thought it could be caused by my glasses being out of date so I got a new prescription but haven't received them yet.  I went to my doctor but he just told me to call him in 2 weeks if its still bothering me.  Should I go get a second opinion? Thanks
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I would wait for the 2 weeks. Because you already have a history of being a bit of a hypochondriac, and the fact that you focused immediately on messing up words once you did it once shows a bit of anxiety. If you focus on something you will consciously or subconsciously make it worse. Try to relax and do something you enjoy. If your symptoms persist in 2 weeks then of course, you have every right to seek that 2nd opinion. Good luck to you.
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Clearly you need a neurological evaluation to include an MRI and an MRA. Sometimes these problems have an unknown etiology (which may never be identified) and sometimes they have structural origin, such as a tumor or growth. This has to be done by a neurologist and not a general practicioner.
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