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Fasciculations, muscle pain

Subject: Fasciculations, muscle pain

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I am a 36-year-old female who saw my doctor a couple of months ago regarding a pain under the left ribcage which radiated to my middle back.  This pain would come and go but had been present for several months.  At that time that was my only complaint and an abdominal CT scan and chest x-rays were normal.  A few weeks later I developed body-wide shooting type pains, transient sensations ranging from itching to jabbing to "needle *****" pains and muscle pains and cramping, again widespread.  Blood tests were normal.  The symptoms continued to intensify and then I began to experience body-wide fasciculations.  Walking became difficult as my legs were cramped, stiff and felt "rubbery" and my joints would click and pop constantly as I tried to move about.  I only slept intermittently as the muscle pain, itching and jabbing sensations were constant and severe.  The worst of it lasted about a week and the symptoms have waned somewhat but I am quite concerned about another incapacitating flare-up occurring.  
My muscles all over feel weak and shaky now and I am having some difficulty performing everyday tasks.  I feel somewhat uncoordinated and keep dropping things.  The cramping has improved the most in that it is not constant and as severe, but the fasciculations and itching/prickling continues as does the stiffness and joint cracking.  The fasciculations are generally random but there is an area on my face that is particularly active and a strong twitch is triggered when I blink my left eye.  The original pain under the ribs and into the back continues to come and go although I don't know if that can be connected to the body-wide probelms I've been experiencing.  
My past medical history is positive for endometrial cancer diagnosed in 1995.  I am on ERT (Premarin & Provera) and Prevacid for reflux disease.  
I am awaiting an appointment to see my primary physician again, who mentioned referring me to a neurologist.  This will all take some time.   In the meantime I would  like to have some insight as the possibilities of what might be going on and what tests might be recommended to achieve a diagnosis.  Thank you.

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