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Headaches Cause for Concern?

I have experienced strange headaches for the past 4 to 5 years that seem to come and go.  They have included a dull aching pain on the right side of my head, dull pain in the back of my head, and occasional "sharp" pains that seem to last a minute or so.  Also, I've had these "sharp" pains behind my eyes that come and go as well.  These seem to be worse as the day progresses, as I rarely wake up with a headache, although that happens on rare occassion.  I've also had slight nausea throughout the day, but I wouldn't say its severe.

I have had some recent health issues that have been causing me to pay close attention to my health, and now these headaches and other symptoms have me worried.  Is there a reason to be concerned here about a possible tumor, or can anxiety be making all of these things worse?  I don't see my DR suggesting an MRI in this case, but do you think its something I should urge?  If there is no luck there, do the outpatient scan centers have reliable head MRI procedures, and would you recommend using them?

Thanks for your assistance.  

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Please keep in mind that I have not had the opportunity to interview or exam you, and therefore I can not render an accurate clinical diagnosis. However, the history you provided would not be typical for headaches associated with a brain tumor. Typically other neurologic symptoms would accompany the headache symptoms. Other possibilities would include tension headaches or migraines. In general imaging of the brain is recommened in patients who have an abnormal neurologic exam or have significant neurologic symptoms during their headaches. If you do have an MRI I would recommend a closed MRI because the imaging quality is typically better. Yes, stress can cause many neurologic symptoms, but other possibilities typically are excluded first before symptoms are blamed on stress alone. If these headaches persist, a consultation with a neurologist or headache specialist may be of some benefit.
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