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Help, what is this? ALS? MS? so afraid

I'm a 24 yo female, last September 2019 I started having muscle fasciculation especially on my buttocks area which then became generalized (calves, arms, eyelids, lips, back). My right leg started to hurt also, like it was always tired, there's this weird feeling on my right leg which I attributed to my back pain back then. I had right arm pain and weakness suddenly, i don't know if it is from my always lying on my right arm and then waking up and feeling my right arm numb but that was just few times last 2019. This month January, I finally went to see a Neurologist, noted proximal weakness more than distal. Ordered an EMG-NCV on same day and it came normal.
I also did my Thyroid TSH and FT4 which came normal as well.

2 weeks after, I woke up from my nap and my right arm was painful, like my elbow was painful or tender, I cried from pain, but the pain went away after some movements. Yesterday, I noticed my right hand to be feeling weird, and noticed that I had atrophy on top of my hand. it is not the same as my left hand. I contacted my Neuro, and told him about my atrophy on right hand, and he answered I had a normal NCV so he ordered a cervical spine MRI....which I will do this week.

I am so worried this might be ALS or MS........ Any thoughts about this? can Median nerve or ulnar nerve entrapment cause this? BEcause of this, I cannot concentrate in school and so worried and anxious all the time... Help me please.
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Update on my cervical spine MRI: Mild dessication and mild posterior bulges of the c5-c6 and c6-c7 intervertebral discs but no resultant significant central canal or neural foraminal compromise.
- straightened cervical lordosis which may be due to muscle spasm

and now I have this perceived mild muscle weakness on my right hand.

But my neuro told me that i have Neck muscle sprain.... But i still have this fasciculation all over my body. I am so scared, hopeless even though my results are all normal but its difficult if you are feeling something..

any response is highly appreciated
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You do sound very anxious.  This doesn't sound like ms or als.  It sounds like pinched nerve at most and muscle spasm.  Almost everyone has some symptoms like this.   Things that can also cause it are not getting enough sleep, exercise (like running or weight lifting) or stress. You sound stressed.  ALS is something that affects older people usually as in over 50 and this doesn't sound like MS at this point.  Simple answers are almost always more likely.  So, in school, stress and anxiety can get the better of us.  Health anxiety is really a common form of it.  Do you do anything for the anxiety?
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