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  Thank you for your responses to my inquiry regarding cortical dysplasia.  If you could, please answer a few more questions:
  1)  Can the problems that my son is having (delayed speech, staring spells, migraines, problems with fine motor skills, very uncoordinated, immature for his age) be directly related to the cortical dysplasia or would there be something else such as seizures that would have to cause these problems?
  2)  From you experience, are these problems going to get worse or will they improve over time?
  3)  If my son is not having seizures and all of these problems stem from the cortical dysplasia, what can be done to help him?
  4)  What other problems could cortical dysplasia lead to?
  5)  Are complex partial seizures hard to diagnose?
I will try to answer your questions but we are beginning to get to the
stage of specific prediction in his case which I cannot do.
1 All of these problems can be related to cortical dysplasia, whether
  they are or not in this case I cannot say , but it is potentially
2 I cannot predict the course of an individual patient from the
  information available, generally some progress is made intellectually
   but the degree depends on the extent and severity of the underlying problem.
3 There is no specific treatment for cortical dysplasia, if it is
  causing seizure the area can be excised otherwise no intervention
  is possible.
4 Cortical dysplasia typically causes developmental delay and learning
  problems in addition to seizures.
5 Complex partial seizures are relativelty easy to diagnose, the
  best way is if an EEG is hooked up during an event and seizure
  activity is recorded.

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