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Meckels cave

  To whom it may concern:
             I have recently been experiencing visual disturbances from the corner of my right eye.
  It seems to be white spots and floaters more than specific blurred vision. I have also been having
  headaches above my right eye and fullness in my right ear. It feels like fullness but my doctor
  claims there is no fluid in my ear. I have a history of squamous cell carcinoma that originated
  in the tonsil and spread to the right side of my neck. I completed surgical removal of the lymph
  nodes on both sides of the neck aong with radiation therapy. Because of my history my doctor had
  a MRI of the brain done. This showed no enhancing lesion, acute area of edema, mass, hemorrhage or
  sulci effacement present. However it did show a 1 cm ovoid circumscribed focus of what appeared to be
  unenhancing fluid intensity in the right meckel's cave region. It said this may simply represent CSF
  and unless symptoms relate to the right fifth cranial nerve this is of doubtful significance. My doctor
  has referred me to an ENT. Could these findings have anything to do with my constant lightheadedness and
  feelings of fullness behind the right ear. All my symptoms seem to be on the right side of the head.
  Any help you could give me on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I'm confused whether or not I
  should be seeing and ENT or a neuralogist.
                                            Thank-you for your time. T.R.    
Dear Tracie,
Thank you for your question.
It is somewhat reassuring to hear that the mass is of fluid intensity and
non enhancing. the radiologist is quite correct in that it most likely
is just a collection of CSF. Meckel's cave is a depression on the skull base
where the ganglion (cell body collection) of the fifth cranial nerve rests.
The fifth cranial nerve, also called the trigeminal nerve, controls muscles
of mastication, as well as relaying sensation from the front scalp and the
face. If will not hurt you to get a neurological consultation to make sure
that there is no neurologic deficit, or no serious cause of your right sided
headache. Good luck to you and if you live near Cleveland and would like
to be evaluated here, pls call 1-800-CCFCARE.

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