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Mild Stroke syptoms?

My Mom, 75, just fell and broke her hip Dec 27th. She also uses mainly her right eye closing her left, no hearing in her left ear, memory is not working well, losses her balance regularly, asking for her Mom deceased for years, happy one minute then depressed/angry-Snaps...this is not her normal behaviour at all.  
Do these syptomns sound like she whould have a CAT to prove or disprove any possibilty of a Mild Stroke due to heavy Wine and Smoking?
Since she is hospitalized presently recovering form her broken hip, should they also test for a stroke?
Thanks for your time and experience :)
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There is no "test" for stroke. At that age everyone probably has a number of small brain infarcts. If you need a scan you need an MRI with dye contrast. Not a CAT scan. The issue in the broken hip revolves around why she fell. Was there a momentary loss of consciousness, or TIA? Closing one eye is a symptom and there are various possible causes, the most common of which is B-12 and folic acid deficiency. There are many kinds of degenerative brain problems, many of which are not clearly understood, that do not come under the heading of "stroke". The first thing I would do is make sure she is kept up to speed nutritionally, has good hydration, and time outdoors, as well as some TLC. Heavy wine use and smoking are a flag. Alcoholism can cause the damage to the cranial nerves that keep one eye closed. Alcoholism can also cause all of the neurological symptoms you describe. Without personal evaluation I really don't know what the problem is. I would suggest you find a good geriatric practice. This is a new specialty and they are really very good at what they do. And they pay attention to the problems of the elderly.
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Does your mom have any associated medical problems like diabetes or a previous heart attack?
Diabetes coupled with smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems .

Were there any previous diagnostic tests done like an echocardiogram ( to rule out any valvular problem which may throw off emboli that may cause blockage of brain arteries and lead to stroke) or a carotid duplex scan?

I suggest you seek a neurologist to assess your mother.

Cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease may cause some behavioural problems in the elderly.Depressed states may manifest differently in geriatric patients compared to the younger population.

Keep a good watch over your mom and just try to reassure her.

Good luck.

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