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Muscle fasciculations, cramping on one side - can it be multiple pinched nerves?

I have had muscle twitching for the last 8 months (has gotten worse) mostly on the left side (hand, calf, foot, shoulder). Also some pain in chest (mostly left pec), and arms falling asleep while I sleep.  It started with a small twitch my left forearm, moved to a burning tingling in my left foot (along with twitching in the calf and foot).  The symptoms would typically come and go but recently they have been constant.  I have twitching in my left side (mostly leg) and sometimes in my right leg.  My left calf has been feeling weak/cramped any my left foot typically has a burning sensation with pain in my ankle.  My left arm starts to quickly lose feeling when I raise it above my head, and also has an intermittent slight burning sensation.

I've seen my PCP for blood work and a Lyme test, and had multiple visits with a neurologist with a lumbar MRI, Cervical Mri and EMG done.

Lumbar MRI results were: L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1 had mild diffuse disc bulge with mild facet arthropathy.

Cervical MRI results were:   Multilevel degenerative changes in the cervical spine as above without significant spinal canal or neural foraminal stenosis at any level.  No focal spinal cord signal abnormality identified.

EMG and NCS - Results were: There is finding of neurogenic denervation change that was seen in the left C5-6, C6-7 dermatomal distribution as well as cervical paraspinal muscle. There is also mild denervation in the left L5 dermatomal muscle and paraspinal muscle. This is highly indicative of chronic mild left cervical C5-6, C6/7 and left L5 radiculopathy of a mild degree, chronic in nature. There is no active fasciculation in left arm and leg muscles sampled. There is no evidence of entrapment neuropthy in the left arm and leg, and there is no evidence of motor neuron disease at this time.

My neurologist claims this is multiple pinched nerves (cervical and lumbar).  Is this possible?  These symptoms just came out of the blue and have been progressing over time.  She put me on gabopentin and that seemed to help at first but lately it seems to have no effect.

Has anyone experienced anything similar that can direct me as to where I can find answers?
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Yes it sounds like pinched nerves in your upper back around the wing region (for arms). If it’s multiple then you need to find ways of isolating them and fixing them one by one. Needs a lot of research but can be done if you put in the time.
For excessive cramps and twitching increase your water intake and get some magnesium supplements.
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