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Muscle weakness & fatigue after miscarriage

I'm 44 and noticed I started developing muscle weakness & fatigue of mainly in my back, legs, shoulders and arms 1 1/2 months after a miscarriage two years ago. I have dificulties climbing up stairs and getting up after sitting on the ground or crouching ( I have to use my hands) and I get easily out of breath with light activities. The level of muscle fatigue varies throughout the day and increases with physical or mental stress and the late afternoon and evening. I have become noticably weaker lifting and gripping things. I don't tolerate exercise and tire easily physicaly and mentally. I also suffer from moderate to severe muscle tension and cramps as well as insomnia, chills and generally feeling weak and ill should I overexert myself (wich may well be a normal day for most people).. It may take days or weeks to feel somewhat better and tolerate some activity. My primary care physician thinks its all due to depression and another even suggested I'm causing all of this by my own mental attitude. I strongly disagree and believe I know my body quite well to tell when there is something wrong. Recently I have been diagnosed with a thickened endometrium and my menstrual cycle has been very irregular since the miscarriage. It seems that it is realated to my over all condition. Lately the muscle weakness and fatigue seem to have increased and I have become very concerned. I hope to be able to get a referal for an endocrinologist, but I have also been thinking, should I insist to see a neurologist as well? Any comments about similar conditions would be appreciated.
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Hi Katherine,

Have you got your haemoglobin checked?

Anemic patient's can have similar symptoms as experienced by you. Also, as you recently had miscarriage and irregular cycles, the chances of developing anemia are more.

Do you loose more blood during your cycles?
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Hi Anant,

Thank You for your reply. My hemoglobin is actually fine and fairly high even though my menses have been somewhat heavier.

My present Thyroid values are:        TSH:        2.66 mIU/L  
                                                     Free T4:   1.1 ng/dl
                                                     T3 Total:   113 ng/dl

My Cortisol values have been:          a.m. baseline cortisol:       13.0 mcg/dl
                                                     p.m. cortisol (3.00 p.m.) :    4.6 mcg/dl  (borderline low)

These are considered to be within the normal range.
Yet, I read that the theraputic range for hypothyroid patients' TSH is 0.3-3.0 mIU/L and and my TSH has been as high as 3.58 mIU/dl and I'm wandering if my values really reflect my optimum values or if not enough T3 is being converted at the cellular level and would therfore justify some of the muscle fatigue and weakness. The same goes for my cortisol levels. For this reason I'm hoping to be able to see an endocrinologist, as well as a neurologist.
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I have had similar symptoms post spontaneous abortion.  Did you ever get results to explain yours?  And have they resolved at all?
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