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Nervous Stimulation

  Just got back from the neurologist. Have had severe trouble 6 months, feeling overstimulated. He said it was a physical nervous system stimulation, still uncertain of the cause. Can't sleep, twitchy, trembling, just plain agitated, goosebumps, etc... What on earth could be causing this? I am not hyperthyroid, but sure feel like it! E-mail me if you have any incite. Every test abnormal: SPECT increased, EMG benign fasciculations, myoclonus, hyperreflexive, EEG fast (?). Misdiagnosed as manic at one point! Feel like something is agitating me inside. Can hardly cope.
Dear S. Gerhard
Your symptoms could be due to multiple reasons, one of them is heprthyroidism (but you are saying that tests came up negative). The lack of sleep and the other symptoms could be due to psychological stress. But before making this diagnosis, a complete neurological examination is needed. If there is no evidence of neurological dysfunction or metabolic reason such as hypethyroidism, then the diagnosis of psychophysiologic insomnia may be made.
One possibility is high caffeine, nicotine, or drugs/medications intake.
I would suggest that you get a second opinion from a Neurologist. If you desire to be seen at the Cleveland Clinic you may call 1 800 CCF CARE in order to make an appointment.
Good luck

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