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Numbness after spinal tap.

  I had a lumbar puncture 2 days ago
  During the procedure the doctor hit a nerve causing my leg to jerk straight   out.   While he was measure my pressure and removing my fluid I was in  
  constant pain.  He said the needle was against my nerve causing the pain.
  I am still having severe pain and a numbness in my leg and hip.
  I am wondering if this is common and how long will this pain last.
  The pain is worse when I turn or bend over..
Thanks for the question.  The symptoms mentioned during your message can
be a consequence of irritation to specific nerve roots that might have been
mechanically damaged during the LP procedure.  Usually such injuries are
mild in degree, and the symptoms should resolve within a week.  However,
if your symptoms worsen in intensity, or if there is onset of focal motor
weakness, I would strongly recommend an immediate evaluation at a
local Emergency Room, and maybe consider some imaging study of your spinal
cord at the lumbar level to evaluate the possibility of a hematoma or
other more severe damages to the nerve roots.
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Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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