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Pain in right temple

  I have been experiencing a severe pain in my right temple for the past
  15 years, at least.  I am a 35 year old female and just finished an "episode"
  of temple pain that lasted for two weeks.  The pain feels like a sudden
  ripping in my head and the pain causes me to wince and scrunch my right eye.
  I thought that a dx of trigeminal neuralgia made sense, but I searched
  the archives and did not note anyone who complained of temple pain.
  I also have a poorly functioning eustatian tube in my left ear which also
  gives me frequent ear pain.  I have frequent headaches and recently got new
  glasses hoping that it would help, but the headaches are back and my vision
  tends to be blurry sometimes and clear other times.  I also very recently
  had an episode where my face got numb in the right upper quadrant; this was
  very scary to me.
  I have been researching things like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and the neuralgia, but am
  still wondering what could be going on.
  My doctor put me on Claritin-D for the ear pain and I take 450 mg of
  Serzone.  I last reported the temple pain in 1991, but nothing was really
  evaluated.  I am beginning to feel like a hypochondriac and don't want
  to go to the Dr. only to be told it's all stress, etc.  What should I do first?
What you do depends on how much this is bothering you. You have have head pain now for 15 years and the current treatment certainly does not sound like it is working and I'm sure this is affecting the quality of your life so I think you need further evaluation. TN usually produces very sharp brief stabbing type pain. The fact that you are now having further neurologic symptoms ie blurred vision, numbness of the face warrents a further look. Patients in your age group that have TN are at a high risk for MS. See a neurologist. If you wish a consult at CCF call 216 444 5559.
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