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Post Concussion Syndrome

Posted By Leanne Garvey on November 05, 1997 at 12:44:35:

Dear Doctor,
  I had a mild head injury three years ago, my symptoms include headache,
dizziness, slurred speech, blurred vision, memory loss and tremors intermittently.  I've been treated with Elavil, Pamelor, Desipramine, Zoloft and now Prozac,  most work for a period of time then stop.  My MRI was normal, EEG showed slowing in the Temporal and Frontal lobes.  Sleep study showed abnormal waves during sleep and Neuropysch testing showed memory problems, all these tests are  three year old.  Do I need anymore tests?  Is there anything that could be done three years after the initial injuy.  Thanks for any input.
                                      Sincerely,                                                                                                      Leanne Garvey
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