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Re: Alcohol

Subject: Re: Alcohol

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First let me say I am a social drinker, an occasional glass of wine. For the past several months,  within 5 minuites of taking a few sips of wine, I get severe pain throughout my shoulder, down my arms. Does this sound normal?  I also suffer from severe muscle cramps in the back of my neck into the base of my skull, everytime I lay down, more like a charlie horse.

Dear Lynn:
Do alittle experiment for me.  Try a sip of another type of wine than you usually drink, let say a red if you drink a white (different label).  See if you get the same effect.  If you do, then try a beer lets say and see if the same thing happens.
If it doesn't occur with the different label wine or with beer than you having a mild reaction to something is the wine you usually drink.  That is my best guess.  I had the same effect when I was younger and drank the stuff that you unscrewed the top (I was poor and just needed alittle alcohol to wind down).  I hope this is the problem, let me know about our little experiment.  And no you can't deduct the cost of the wine and beer as a medical expense (only kidding).
CCF Neuro[P] MD

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