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Re: Aquatic Therapy

Posted By Marie Fox on September 01, 1997 at 13:20:32:

In Reply to: Re: Aquatic Therapy posted by CCF Neuro MD on August 31, 1997 at 15:42:10:

: : Dear Doctors:
Following is a response from the SDS patient to your comments:
Dear Marie,
Thank you for the informaton about pools. Unfortunately it does not help our
case. The specialist that I see for SDS actually perscribed a pool for me do
to an article written by Dr. Robertson. It is how they are treating the
astronauts when they return from a weightlessness environment to gravity. I
am probably giving information that you already know, but just in case i'll
continue. The astronaunts get severe orthostatic hypotension when they come
back into atmosphere.  NASA gives money to the research team at Vanderbilt so
they can find out how to treat orthostatic hypotension. If it wasn't for the
space projects there probably would be no research for SDS. I think I got
this from the Vanderbilt web page under space technology. My memory is lousy
so if I have any of this info wrong I aplogize in advance.
In Florida heated pools are not that expensive. You could go into the
hospital for an appendectomy and still spend twice the amount of money. I
have heard of many people getting insurace companies for aquatic therapy. I
was real angry at the Dr. Who is in charge of our HMO. He went through all
the training for how to heal and never practiced with his licence at all. He
just denies people the health care htey need. I know from an outsider's point
of view a person geting apool payed for by an insurance companies but they do
it alot down hear. As for the aquatic therapy prolonging life for SDS, One of
the abstracts I have states that pneomonia is  the number one killer of SDS
pt's. I can not get up for very long at this point. Laying in bed so much is
the best way to get pneomonia. I have bed soars, muscle waisting and
decreased bone density. Aquatic excersise would help correct the effects of
bed confinement. I have read in another absract  that most of any other
excersie can have a paradoxical effect on ones bp's by causing a great drop
after the session. The article suggests that aquatic therapy is recomended.
Also as you have stated the best advantage in a pool in deep water submersion
can regulate the venous flow. One of Ray's clients is a homehealth assessment
nurse. She knew some one with severe Orthostatic hypotension who used the
pool three times a day in deep water submersion (with a regulator) 20 minutes
each session and she said that this patient felt so good that she could run 4
miles if she wanted to after a session.
These are the reasons why I want a pool; less time in bed no more bed soars,
no chacne of pneumonia from laying around all day, an increase in bone
density, return of muscle and a very much needed stress reducer. All these
reasons are life prolonging for SDS. So I pray that Mr. insurance will come
through for us and unfortunately the article that you sent wouldn't give me
to much of a barganing chip. We are hoping to be going to vanderbuilt with in
the next two weeks. A phone call or a letter From Dr. Robertson would
difinately tilt the scales to our side as our insurance company states that
they will pay for it if we get one more article saying that this will help
Once again I really appreciate your effort. I apologice if the tone is a
little harsh believe me this is an issue that really boils my blood. Some
times just letting someone else out there knows what this horrible disease is
like. In the hospital there was some speculation that since the course of my
disease progression is so very rapid that I may not have a lot of time before
it becomes acute. It has only been since March 30 that I first had syncopy.
Now I have all the other symptoms: self cathing, manual removal for
impaction, parkinsin symptoms, ataia, blurred and double vision (that is
where all the typos come from), reflux and esphogeal ulser, I have
nonspesific angina (chest pain), slightly abnormal ekg, troubling swallowing,
twenty pounds of ademia, and as I mentioned before muscle waisting. All this
over 4 months. I am unable to take the florinef for now because of too much
edema, and this caused the severe migraine headaches and I''m allergic to
midodrine. This pool thing is my only hope, and I cry and cry for the life I
am quickly loosing and I pray that if this what I need to prolong my life
that The Lord will provide.
Thanks for listening and for the information. I'll Keep you and yours in my
pryaers,                       Love Jill and Ray

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