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Re: Chest tremors

Posted By CCF neuro MD MM on March 29, 1999 at 15:52:57:

In Reply to: Chest tremors posted by julie on March 28, 1999 at 10:06:24:

Hi I am a 35 year old female that has "chest tremors" every time I wake for 3 months.  I had a holter which showed supraventricular ectopy (PAC couplets) in Dec.  Since the symptoms continued after starting beta blocker (100 tenormin) I had a event monitor which showed nothing but normal sinus rythym.  I was very symptomatic during the monitor and was suprised to find out it was not PSVT.  Could this problem be something neurologic?  My husband can even feel it.  It only and always happens upon waking.  ie I can lay down awake for 2 hours and it doesn't happen but if I fall asleep for 10 minutes, I wake up and it is happening.  This lasts until I sit up.  The only other odd thing is when I take a shower first thing in the a.m. and am closing my eyes I get a "strobe-light" sensation.  Like my eyelids are twiching.  No flashing lights though just normal light like you were closing your eyes and moving your hands in front of your face.  Only neuro probs in family were grandma with cerabelllum degen. ataxia late in life.  Thanks do I need a neuro consult?

This is an unusual presentation and is not a symptom which is reported as
having any association whatsoever with any serious underlying disease.
It is not always possible to provide an medical explanation for every
single type of sensation, twitch, tremor amd transient phenomenon which we
experience and I suspect that your symptom fits into this category.
The most important thing to do in this situation is to outrule any
possible serious underlying condition so that the patient can be reasured
that nothing serious is happening.
It would appear that this has been done in your case and priovided this
does not get any worse or interfere with your life you may simply have
to accapt that an explanation is not available.
It is possible that a physiacian with the opportunity to question you in
detail ,and examine you would have a better chance of coming up with an
explanation On the basis of what is available to me at this point,
a diagnosis does not come to mind.
If this persists and is bothering you I suggest that you consult someone

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