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Posted By CCF Neurology MD:NT.. on October 23, 1998 at 00:15:37:

In Reply to: Re: EYE-TWITCHING PROBLEM posted by Neurology MD:NT on October 22, 1998 at 23:51:33:

I'm 18 years old and a sophmore in college.
I have a eye twitch which started about 3-4 months ago I do it about every
7 seconds maybe, it is not noticble to others and it also seems to be in
both eyes at the same time. (most people say its there right eye for some
reason) The eye twitch is involuntary but the wierd thing is I can do different things
with my eye to maybe stop it (Like straining the muscle(s) back there or
something. The twitch has nothing to do with my eye lid..
The eye twitch also seems to stay on my mind
all day and is really bothering me, it hurts my concentration etc. I've
came to start controlling my brething, because the eye twitch seemed at
one point to be consistent with my brething (But if I hold my breath I still do it).
The thing is lately I tried ways to stop it like forcing myself to stop think-
ing about it, which seemed to be a bit effective when I don't think about it
it does not bother me and from trying to deal with the problem I think I
made the problem a bit less annoying. If I really concentrate and squint my
eye I can seem to stop it for the time being. THe thing is I can only forget
about it for short periods of time because I'll start to think about it again
and then it starts again. LIke maybe 5 minutes. Also when I awake in the
mourning I don't notice the problem at all until maybe 2 minutes when it
pops into my head and I start doing it.  What hell
is worng with me.. Ive been told I have a bit of obcessive behavior but
this is about a few things like my car which I sometimes over worry about,
But  nothing that ever needed any kind of treatment for. Another thing
to take note is that now that I've heard other people have this problem
it seems to ease me a lot and make the eye twitching less and more controllibe
for some reason. (stress related??? But I don't think I'm that stressed and 4
months is kind of long right??)
But this Eye Twitch is driving me crazy and I need to get to stop it.
I have never seen a doctor but am really considering it. ALso does this
sound like a nuro disorder?? or just a mental thing I put upon myself.
IS there treatment that can fix this??? And what is the chance that I can
take care of this thing??? I BET if somehow I could take this whole thing
out of my head it would be gone... But maybe not.. so please give me some
advice I am very desperate and need to take really desperate measures to
stop this thing..

Dear Edward:
You may benefit the most by seeing a neuroophthalmologist rather than a neurologist. Preferably in an academic institution near you. If Cleveland is practical, consulting with Dr. Gregory Kosmorsky at the Cleveland Clinic may be a good idea.
I am curious about 1) what observers see happening to your right eye, and 2) whether the twitch affects your vision.
Possibilities that come to mind are superior oblique myokimia, facial myokimia/fasciculation, and hemifacial spasm.
Good luck!

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