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Re: Pepcid and PN
Posted By CCF NEURO MD on May 22, 1997 at 14:34:29:

In Reply to: Pepcid and PN posted by Marilyn Welsh on May 12, 1997 at 17:06:05:

: My mother was recently diagnosed with PN.  While looking up side effects of
Pepcid I read that prolonged use could impair Vitamin B12 absorption and I've
also read that a B12 deficiency can cause PN.  She has been on Pepcid approximately
3 years.  Do you feel this could be the cause of her condition?
Thank you for any information you can provide.
Marilyn Welsh


While there are a number of medications that cause peripheral neuropathy, pecid is not generally thought to be a cause of neuropathy.  However in the physician desk reference manual, it does list paresthesias (tinglig/pin ***** like sensations).  Vitamin B12 is a common cause of peripheral neuropathy and should be checked in all patients with symptoms/signs of a peripheral neuropathy.  However, if pepcid interferes with absorbtion of vitamin B12, one would see low levels of B12 on laboratory testing.  If the levels are normal there is no reason to discontinue the medication.  If your mom feels that it is the cause of her neuropathy, then it may be worth asking her physician if there is  an alterative or if she could discontinue it (This depends on why she is taking it).  Your mother should have a neurologic evaluation to determine the extent of the neuropathy and to assess for other treatable causes such as diabetes, thyroid disease, vit B12 deficiency or vasculitis.  However, even after extensive evaluation, a subset of patients may still not have an etiology for their neuropathy.  If you would like to have your mom assessed at the Cleveland Clinic's Neuromuscular Clinic, call 216-444-5559 or 1-800-223-2273 ext 45559 to arrange an appointments.  

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