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Re: seizures

Posted By CCF NEUROLOGY MD/in on June 07, 1998 at 22:38:28:

In Reply to: Re: seizures posted by June on June 07, 1998 at 22:06:21:

Dear Doctor, I have a 7 year old daughter suffering from rare seizures only 3 in the last year. She has had an EEG, MRI, CAT Scan all normal. The doctors are not giving me any answers other than she will probably out grow them. Her symptoms are dizzy feeling before she faints and then she has a seizure. Her body jerks and her eyes roll back in her head the last one she balled her right hand in a fist and jerked it towards her chest. She later complained of a headache, the sweats and a stomachache. I am very concerned as to the cause and possible triggers of the seizures. Can you help me or point me in the direction of help?
I have one other question as to whether food could be triggering these sezures. As odd as it sounds atleast two of the seuzres came after eating corn muffins. Thank you for your time, June

Dear June;
With the information you gave me, I can not tell you exactly what type of seizures your daughter has.
It seems that her seizures may be so called " partial" because of the feeling she has prior to loss of consciousness.
EEG: The first EEG reveals seizures in only 33% of the cases. Therefore  a repeat EEG does not rule out the diagnosis of epilepsy.
MRI: it is very important to get a good quality MRI in a center that deals with patinets who has epilepsy (such as the Cleveland Clinic)
CT scan: is not helpful in the diagnosis of epilepsy
The most important test to reveal the cause of the seizures is MRI.
The most important test to reveal the type of epilepsy is the recording of EEG and videotaping one of the seizures at the same time.
The triggers: I do not think food is a trigger in this case.
I suggest that she continues to take antiepileptic medication for the time being. If her seizures become more frequent, an admission to an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit where seizures are videotaped and EEG recorded mey be needed to better characterize the seizures and the type of epilepsy your daughter is suffering from.
If you would like a second opinion at the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Epilepsy Clinic, you may call 1 800 CCF CARE to schedule an appointment with either Dr Elaine Wyllie or Dr Prakash Kotagal.
Good Luck

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