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I am 43yr male w mild psoriasis & Psoriatic arthritis (PA dx
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1) unlikely - the varicella zoster virus usually sticks to one or a few 'dermatomes' - band like areas of skin that are supplied by a singel sensory nerve. Disseminted zoster can occur, usually in patients with a compromised immune system like AIDS.

2) For sensory nerve pain, some first line agents are Neurontin and now Lyrica. Some antidepressants also treat nerve pain but the SSRI group (like Zoloft) are not usually used for this indication

3) having one autoimmune disease makes it MORE likely to have other autoimmune disease, we do not know why, it is within are genetic makeup/susceptibility tothese types of diseases. MS and most neuropathies are not classified as autoimmune diseases with increased risk in patients with other autoimmune disease.

4) this is acceptable, follow up tests can reveal changes or progression and the clinical course might give clues or prompt further testing. Other tests that may be beneficial might be an examination of the spinal fluid, and a HIV/Syphilis test.

5) the clinical picture you present is non-specific, I cannot give you a definite clinical diagnosis, the more common causes for sensory neuropathies are diabetes, B12, HIV, amyloid, or paraneoplastic neuropathy.

Good luck
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I also have been suffering with tingling/vibration sensations in the areas you have mentioned.  Mine began the last week in August.  I have pain in my calves and hamstrings also.  I am 39 year female who was completely healthy until this.  So far I've had MRI's of brain and spine and many blood tests and they show nothing.  I still have no clue and am at my wits end.  I hope they can find what is causing your condition and can help you.
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In the last few days I have experienced the twitching more consistantly when at rest. I feel it in both calves, and both hands in the fingers and also my jaw at times.  I made a neurologist appointment for dec 20. Having read many more of the posts this week, I feel that I am experiencing an autoimmune peripheral neuropathy (based on the PA I have).  It seems that a steroid is the drug of choice in that instance.  I'll see what the dr. says.  Can I wait until Dec 20 (9 days) or do I risk any nerve damage?  Still no pain or weakness. The Zoloft is making me less anxious, but it has given me some insomnia which doesn't help me.
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