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Stinging/Itching and Neuropathy

  I have degenerated vertebra from head to end of my spine.  I also have a herniated disk and a disk that is completely disapeared in my lower back. I have constant pain in my back from head to end of spine from pinched nerves.  I have been to several Back Specialists and can't get even an evaluation nor an x-ray.  In other words I have gotten no help.  My question is this:  I started stinging and itching down both arms along the path of the nerves that run from the neck area and would like to find out if this could be caused from damaged nerves?  I have tried all kinds of medicines, prescription and non-prescription and can get no relief from any of them.  Ice seemed to help for awhile but now it doesn't help.  Please, this is driving me crazy, I need some relief as I am starting to sting and itch all over my body now and can't get any help from the Doctors around here.  There are no rashes, no redness, no bumps or anything.  I just start stinging and intense itching.  I am not under any stress except from this itching so it can't be stress related.  Any ideas appreciated.  Thank you!
Thanks for your question.  Altered sensations (such as numbness, tingling,
pins and needles, etc.) can indeed be caused by peripheral sensory neuropathies.
Although purely sensory neuropathies can occur, most peripheral neuropathies
also present associated motor signs.  On the other hand, it would be quite
unusual for neurological impairment that results from multiple nerve root
compressions ("pinched nerves") to manifest solely as sensory alterations,
particularly at such extended areas, without any motor weakness signs.
The lack of external dermatological signs (erythema, exanthemas, papules,
etc.) do not necessarily exclude the possibility of a dermatological cause
for your skin symptoms.  You should also discuss with your physicians the
possibility of an allergic reaction (contact agents, food, etc.).  
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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