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Strange Mid Back/Spine Sensation

  For approx. one month I have noticed that I have had intermittent, odd sensations in my mid-back/spine area (just below bra strap.)  I first noticed it one evening as I was sitting in a hunched over type position.  I had been to been an amusement park that day and attributed the sensation to "doing something to myself while on those rides."  At the same time this sensation occurred, I was having diarrhea due to use of a laxative in prep. for a sigmoidoscopy (don't know if this is related but I just thought I would mention it). Anyway, there is no pain associated with this sensation.  It is more like a "squeezing" or "pressure" feeling on my spinal cord and just to left of it in the muscle area.  If I touch the area while this is happening, it feels normal.  No specific motion or activity sets it off.  Changing positions seems to alleviate the pressure and then it will occur again.  The sensation is not chronic.  When it first started it bothered me for about a week then seemed to disappear.  Then about a week later, out of nowhere, it returned with a vengeance and has been bothering me for about 2 weeks.  Sometimes I awake at night and feel the pressure, other times I don't.   Soemtimes it bothers me worse in the morning, sometimes it is gone in the morning and is more bothersome at night.  For the most part it is not too troublesome; however, there have been occasions that the pressure/squeezing sensation has gotten very intense and makes me want to sit down.  The sensation is never one of pain though.
  For your info, I would like to add that I am a 34-year old female.  Also, I have been experiencing some GI disturbances since early July which I am seeing a gastroenterologist for.  The GI problems preceeded this back sensation by almost 2 months so I doubt seriously they are related, but I just thought I would mention it.  My back sensations don't seem to coincide with eating.
Thanks for your question.  The region where your symptoms are originating
- aproximately mid-thoracic vertebrae - are not usually as prone to mechanical
injury as are the neck (cervical), and lower back (lumbo-sacral) regions.
The main reason is the presence of the "rib cage" which make the entire
thoracic spine segment relatively rigid, and not subjected to "torsional"
type movements.  However, this region can potentially be injured by "axial
load" type  injuries, where the pressure is coming top-to-bottom.  Because
you did not describe exactly what happened ("doing something to myself while
on those rides."), it is hard to determined how much a "jarring" movement
might have happened.  It is always possible - and much more common - that
your symptoms are just a "muscle tension" type discomfort.  But, if your
symptoms progress to a greater discomfort, greater frequency, or frank pain
you should have your spine evaluated by a physician and an imaging study
such as an MRI scan of the thoracic spine.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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