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Vertebral hemangioma

  A friend has been diagnosed with vertebral hemangioma, and surgery recommended.  We are trying to learn all that we can about this subject.   Is a vertebral hemangioma considered to be perivascular?  Why?  If not, why not?  Thanks!
Thanks for the question.  Vertebral hemangiomas are benign vascular tumors
that occur in the body of a vertebrae.  Usually they are incidental
findings, that is, they are found when an imaging study of the spine is
being done for other reasons, such as back pain, or sensory complaints in
lower extremities.  Most likely, the observed hemangiomas have been
present for a prolonged period of time.
Usually, the mere presence of the hemangioma is not an indication for
a surgery.  However, these lesions can bleed spontaneously, and if the
hemangioma compresses the surrounding structures, in particular, the
spinal cord, then an evacuation/decompression surgery should be
considered.  If there are acute neurological symptoms, such as severe
acute back pain, or sudden loss of leg strength, or loss of sensation,
it is considered a neurosurgical emergency, and should be evaluated
immediately by a neurosurgical team.
This information is being provided only for medical education and information.
Please contact your physician for medical evaluation and treatment.

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