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can sroke be caused by neurocardiogenic syncope?

I am in my 40's, have multiple health issues which include diabetes, rheumatoid arhtiritis, asthma, interstitial lung disease/respiratory insufficiency (on oxygen), neuro-cardiogenic syncope, etc.
My blood pressure runs low and cholesterol usually runs about 129-140  I am overweight (5' 9" and approx 390 #'s)
Now for my question. I had what the doctors are calling a stroke, although all tests came back negative.   I had the stomach flu for several days,was found  unconsious and taken to the hospital.  They ran every test in the book. Drug screens were negative.

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CT scans of head,carotid arteries w/wo contrast contrast were negative with the exception of a mass on my thyroid gland, but have history of multi -nodular goiter, lumbar puncture was negative, all blood work negative except wbc of 16,000 and mild decrease in T3. Looked like there was some type of mld seizure activity that stopped with ativan, so did an eeg and did leg doppler to check for blood clots, a tee checking for blood clots in heart.  All negative. EKG on arrival showed some some premature contractions, rightward axis, tachycardia but all cleared by next day. Admitted to hospital with altered mental status.  

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Woke up in ICU approx 15-18 hours later and couldn't move left leg or left arm. neurologists and physical medicine docs said may be stroke but not all symptoms consistant with stroke.Some numbness on that side as well and some facial numbness and mild impairrment of smile for about 24 hours.   Did 3 weeks of inpatient rehab (PT/OT/Speech Therapy) as well as talked to a phychiatrist to make sure I wasn't faking it or super depressed.   They said no to faking and just mild reactive depression.   So, told I had mild stroke and would recover completely. am now on daily aspirin, but some doctors say no it wasn't a stroke perhaps a big drop in BP due to the fact I was sick and BP dropped too low and cut off blood circulation to brain.  Other doctors say never heard of such a thing---low bp causing a stroke

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All seemed baffled, including me.  Not to mention totally frustrated.  Since then have been going to outpt PT and OT and still relying on walker.
Any one out there heard of anything similar?
Is is possible for neuro-cardiogenic syncope to cause a stroke that doesn't show up on a CT scan, Carotid artery scan, eeg, MRI, etc?  
The syncope usually is under control unless I get sick, overheated, or dehydrated. Take midodrine and norpace cr.
Please, any suggestions or input?  Should I go with stroke dx or seek second opinion from another facility?

Sorry this is all so long!

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