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carotid stenosis and headache

in April 2006 I developed a migrainlike headache. A catscan was done and the diagnosis was a blood vessel blockage and I was placed on aspirin therapy. I was on aspirin already for a blockage in my left main coronary artery. not blocked enough for bipass surgery yet.
I have not had any headache since April but the past week developed a constant headache in center of forhead and sometimes behind my left ear an feel pressure behind my eyes.Have a runny nose and was on prednizone for a bronchial infection.Finished the prednizone pack several days ago but was left with this annoying non stop dull headache.
does anyone have this condition? Are the headaches common? when should I worry about them?
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Forgot to mention the stenosis  was on the left side of my head.
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I don't have the answers to your questions i am also searching for answers .I am sorry to hear of your condition. I also, have has some bad headaches very severe pain. and maybe going for MRA soon, was just wondering if your CT wa sdone w contrast. Iam not a DR. justa  patient. How severe are your headaches, mine are new to me and include piercing sharp pain, and pressure. Hope you can get to the bottom of your trouble soon.
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I am not sure if the catscan was done with contrast.After the scan I had additional testing in dr. office ultrasound checking pressure all along the artery routes. side of head,behind eyes and at temples.
I had migraine like headache in April when this all started it had stopped by the time I got the catscan. I have been on aspirin therapy for my heart so the dr said to continue with that regimen. He said in time I may have to go on coumadin.
Headaches started up again last week.I have had a cold,took antibiotic finished antibiotic and cough came back within three days.Then I was put on prednizone for 5 days or so. While I was on the prednizone I started to get the headaches back and still have them . I have been off the prednizone for around 5 days but the headaches have continued.
Is it my condition or is it a reaction to the prednizone? Sorry to hear about your headaches. What do you take for them.
Thank you for your reply.
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Hi and happy holidays to you also. My headache/head pressure, and shapr pain, started in the summer of 2006,  after  i went on a strict diet and lost like 15 pounds in 4 weeks or so. I am not a big girl but i wanted to lose a few pounds. I wa snever an avid dieter. I didn't mean to go on about it , but after that i got very weak, and then this all started. I don't take anything except tylenol for my headache, as neuro doesn't want to mask symptoms just yet i assume. I have never taken a steroid.  Do you have artery trouble, i am sorry i hope i read your posting rt. What my headaches feel like is someone squeezing my side of myt head, almost like the artery isn;t rt. I am 41 f, smoker, and in pretty good health , except for MVP. (heart ) . I didn;t mean to go on about me, so easy to do on these boards. Ya know? I was asked in ER if i wanted pain meds in my IV and i said no for the head aches.. i am afraid of them. But i do take clonazapam . Helps some. I am sure someone else will respond to you that knows more. TY for talkingw  me.. Kit
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Thank you for responding Kit. i take tylenol for my headaches. not often as I too do not want to mask symtoms. I have blockages in my left main coronary artery 50-60%, and according to dr other blockages elsewhere but not as much of a concern at this time. I go for stress tests every 6 months. they are keeping an eye on the left main coronary artery.
I actually found out about it after developing panic attacks. They would come out of nowhere. I would get a chest pain and almost immmediatly get the panic so it became a what came first? the pain or the panic. I would almost pass out.
After some tests and a heart catheterization the heart artery condition was found. They said I was having Angina attacks because of the symtoms I was experiencing. I carry nitro tablets now. I occasionally  experience mild chest pain. At this time I do not have heart disease but artery problems. Then a little over a year later the headache started. one lasting a week prompted me to seek attention thus the stenosis was diagnosed.I am starting to wonder if the panic episodes had anything to do with lack of oxygen when i had these spells. i am on Metaprolol for my heart,coated aspirin 325mg, levoxyl for underactive thyroid ,Zetia for Cholesterol. Oh I am 58 years.I am also overweight but am working on getting my weight down
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Oh Lucky five times: I am so sorry you have to go though heart troubel , Mitral Valve is no picnic either and i have hd it since 29, where as some people have no palps w that i wa sone of the unlucky few. I get high blood pressure and that . All cardio s say you won't drop dead..but it feels like it now. On my MRI report of brain the differential read: vascilitis, etc.. so i am hoping they test my arterys soon, i am waiting on my new blue cross card to come. I used to have tons of panic attacks and still do, and that can lead to trouble w heart if you get too anxious, I get them more again now. and when i do my heart races. I wish you well , and i hope you feel better, eat low fat food s, and stay away from too many sweets, unless your supposed too. I am just giving you some tips,  i try to eat lots of vegetables. and not as much bread. But i love sweets  ;:) take care and keep  me posted. Kit
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