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cyst and black spot on brain

  I have a son 5 yrs of age, who was diagnosed with a seizure disorder
  a year and a half ago. A cat scan was done and it came up normal. His EEG
  showed seizure activity and he was put on Tegretol. Now, just yesterday,
  he had his first MRI and we found out today he has a cyst on his brain.
  It is located above the base of the skull on the left side. Our Dr. is
  not advising surgery at this time, but cannot tell us if it will grow or if
  it will cause trouble later in his life. Can you tell us if this cyst
  should be messed with and given the chance to grow? Should we ask to have
  it removed? The second thing is that on the right side of the brain, a
  black spot is there in the white mass. Our Dr. cannot tell us what it is.
  In cases that you have seen, do you have any idea? What is it, where did
  it come from? Is it something that can grow? We are working on getting
  a second opinion, but that may take awhile and we would like some idea to
  go on.     Thank you.
Dear Shel,
The issues of seizures and the findings on MRI may or may not be related.  
Sometimes a tumor may be the cause of seizures.  There are many different types
of tumors, and often in children they are slow-growing in nature.  This is
not meant to cause excessive concern.  Much of what is happening can be gathered
from the MRI characteristics of the 'black spots' you describe.  Alternatively,
your son may have seizures and a benign arachnoid cyst on MRI.  Arachnoid
cysts are congenital collections of fluid that are usually incidental findings
on imaging.  
Ask your surgeon or neurologist whether he or she thinks the abnormalities
on the MRI are the cause for the seizures.  If so, surgery may be a consideration,
again, depending on what is seen.  Be sure he explains why the seizures may
be occurring and what are the abnormalities seen on the MRI.  
Good luck.

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