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dislodged cervical bone dowel

Posted By kathi on October 29, 1998 at 08:41:13:

Diagnosed with herniniated C5/6 cervical disc 12.97. Surgery performed 05.98, anterior disectomy and keel bone fusion. Approximately 3-4 weeks after surgey my body told me that something was wrong. My neurosurgeon would not listen to me or even respond to my voice mail messages to him wherein I clearly indicated that I thought something was wrong. I did not see him until schedualled post-operative appointmnet 7 weeks after surgery. Upon examination and cervical x-ray neurosurgeon advised that bone dowel had cracked/fractured/extruded, all terms used by him. He could not explain why this happened, and to date I still do not have answers. Had second surgery 09.98, removed extruded bone dowel, replaced and stabilized with metal plate. Apparantlly much damage sustained during time bone dowel remain extruded: cracked cervical bones. Was told pre-surgerically that bone dowel would be removed and replaced with exactly the sam material. When woke up from surgery, realized that bone graft was taken from hip, which is fine with me if rate of success is greater.
My question is wy did this bone dowel crack/fracture/extrude. How common is this? could you point me in the direction of info or studies where this happens.
Also, am very worried re: metal plate and permanent effects if any.
Thank you
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