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headache,ringing in ears, joint pain and effexor effect

  I was on low doses of effexor for about 8 months and it helped with my aniexty and
  body pain. Ever since I quit I have low grade headaches on right side only..they increase with tension and
  sometimes can be relieved by aspirin.  I have had more constant ringing in my right ear
  my ankle was injured but it won't heal..it was not serious. my shoulder developed stiffness from playing b-ball with my son
  I am frustrated...IO feel the effxor has someting to d with it. I am trying feverfew now to help. Do you have
  any ideas...they exrayed the foot..no problem..some slight arithis developing
  I need help but they can't find anything..I would be relieved if they found something
  please respond asap
  thanks mike
Dear Mike:
The information you gave is less than optimal in order to give you a more informed assessment of your condition.
Therefore, given the situation, I am going to try to give you some thoughts about the various possibilities.
The new onset of right sided headache (assuming that you have not had any history of migraine headaches in the past) should prompt a carefull neurological assessment to rule out the presence of vascular disease or tumor in your brain. One possibility would be a condition called Temporal arteritis, that usually occurs in older adults and could be associated with headaches and rarely ear symptoms and may be at times relieved by Aspirin. Another possibility is a the presence of a small tumor in the acoustic nerve (called acoustic neurinoma).
The association with shoulder and ankle problems may be suggestive of a rheumatological problem.
I doubt that your symptoms are all due to the effect of Effexor.
I would suggest the following:
1. Neurological examination by a Neurologist. This could be arranged at The Cleveland Clinic Department of Neurology.
2. Blood work up and possibly MRI of the Brain (to be decided after the neurological consultation)
3. If the above work up is negative a consultation with a rheumatologist may be indicated.
I hope that my answers are of help to you.
Good luck

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