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hip pain, thigh pain and numbness

Yesterday I had an x-ray to check for fracture of hip as I could put no weight on my left leg without agonising pain shooting from my hip, down the front and side of my thigh to my knee, and also into my groin. I have never felt pain like it. I also have numbness from knee to hip which is a weird sensation considering the pain.  Although I was told there was no fracture I was given a walking frame and an offer of physiotherapy to be taken at home.  I had an mri scan a few yew years ago that showed disc protusion at L4/L5/S1.  Recently I had another mri scan for neck pain which shows disc bulging at at C4/5 C5/6 with facet joint fusion and some left sided forma ? I have had no recent pain in my back or neck and this hip pain came on literally overnight, although I had overdone things a bit whilst carrying out a bit of decorating.  I do however suffer from episodic arthritis with a positive rheumatoid factor,  I am still in agony when I try to walk and have to go up and downstairs on my bottom as I still cannot put any weight on my leg.  I am at my wits end and am taking painlillers like smarties.  Has anyone any idea what could be wrong
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Hi there. You have symptoms of hip, thigh, leg pain which is sudden shooting pain so this is most likely due to the protruded discs L4 L5 LS1 all contributing to the nerve root compression and these symptoms. Weight bearing problem could be because of rheumatoid arthritis.
You need to consult an orthopaedician/ neurosurgeon with your mri reports for planning surgical correction since pain killers are no good.
Continue treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and do back exercises till surgical relief. Take care and keep me posted.
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or...if it's a flare up from the ra, heat and rest.  it should be better within 3-5 days.  if it's not, you know it's due to your spinal issues.
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disc protusion at L4/L5/S is causing your hip and leg pain, because it pushes on your spinal cord nerve roots that supply your thighs and legs....you could have the protrusion removed by a consultant orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon....pain reliefers and physiotherapy is not going to push the protrusion back....a simple surgery to remove it will relief the pain and any damage that could be caused by the constant pressure on your spinal cord at that part
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