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husband twitchy when relaxed????

Not sure if this question belongs here or not but I've been curious to figure out what's going on with him.  So about a year or maybe longer ago every time he would lie down to go to bed the second he put his head on the pillow he'd twitch...like that jerky whole body twitch when you are about to fall asleep but are awoken up to your body having what's like a full body twitch.  Well, he's not falling alseep yet...it's just the instant he's ready for bed and next to me.  At first it was just a couple times and eventually he'd fall asleep and it would stop.  In the last couple months it's getting more frequent and at times other than just bedtime.  He comes over to me for a hug and "twitch"..he comes over to relax next to me on the couch to watch t.v. it starts.  His whole body jerks.  It seems it's like anytime he lets his body relax next to me it happens.  It doesn't seem to  happen  if I'm not next to him...which is really weird too.  I'm getting paranoid...LOL  At night he might have that whole body twitch 20 times before falling alseep.  It's so odd...and we've noticed it getting more frequent which is a little scary...as we don't know what it is.  He is only 38..  He used to say jokingly that "oh, I'm getting parkinson's".  He has no other problems.

Any ideas as to what this is?  

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Hi there... my opinion is so not true if he twiches only when you're around him.. logically talking.

should you be more worry?..I am 24 male, and also have random twiches all over my body plus inner trembling 24/7. it's been 3 months now.

I have post my symptoms and found no replies :(

anyway good luck and keep in touch.
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Thanks for your reply.  I have been researching but cannot find what would cause twitches like that.  Sorry to hear you are going through something similar.  

It really seems like his twitches are when I'm close to him but I don't see him doing it at other times.  Gosh, I wonder what could cause such large twitches?  

Have you been to a dr. yet?  I hope you find some answers soon.
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