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muscle jumping and fatigue

  Hi I am a 24 yr. old female and about a month ago i started to have major back pain and swelling in the lower back. After a while of hearing me whine my husband thought possibly it was muscle strained related and he massaged some bengay in the area. When it didn't help much and i woke up the next morning and wasnt able to walk he got concerned and took me to the hospital. The phsycian found neurolical problems(they didnt describe the problem)and found the swelling in the back. She ordered a CT scan and found a disc bulge in L3 and L4 but said she wasnt fully convinced that this was all of my problem.She refered me to a neurologist. I went to the neurologist and he found neurological problems also , gave me some pain medicine and ordered an MRI. During this time i began to experirnce muscle juming and extreme fatigue. My muscle jumping didnt hurt it was just very annyoying and always started when my body was at rest(not asleep just after being comfortable for about 10 minutes)and was all over my body(ex. first my leg muscle would jump then my arm, etc.)Each time I would awake i felt like i had worked out for hours and my muscles ached and burned!! Each day got harder and harder to walk and to function normally.My neck seems very tense and im experiencing headaches everyday now. Ive just recieved my MRI results and it says i have a disc herniation on L3 and L4 but now it seems my back problems were just the begining!! I really need some help!! Im a mother of two and i can barely function for mor than a half hour by myself now!! I see my docto tommorow but really would like some more info.Also i mentioned to my doctor that my muscles had started to jump and he gave me some muscle relaxers and they havent helped!!!I was concerned that maybe the pain medicine the ER doctor had gave me started the muscle jumping, but he said no and just gave me the muscle relaxer.Please help me Im really scared!!
You do not describe what exactly you mean by muscle jumping, whether it is
a little twitch of a muscle ofr the entire limb lifts up, this is a very
important distinction.
In either case I do not think it relates to your back problems since the
muscle jumping affects your arms also.
You would appear to have disc problems in your lower back, which explains
the back pain fairly easily.
The fatigue, muscle aches, neck pain and headaches could be caused by
stress, headaches and neck pain are a feature of muscle tension headaches.
A type of muscle twitch called fasiculation can be exacerbated by stress
due to the high levels of adrenaline in the blood stream of someone who
is stressed due to pain, fatigue and worry.
On the basis of the limited description available I can say that these
problems do not seem to be directly related. The muscle jumping is not
likely to be caused by any drug, and if these are small twitches of the
muscle, they may be related to the levels of physical and mental stress
caused by the lunbar disc problem.

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