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parkinsons plus

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Posted by CCF NEURO MD on May 08, 1997 at 19:19:26:

In Reply to: parkinsons plus posted by erin m on May 03, 1997 at 13:25:38:

: Mt 71 year old father was dx. with parkinsons plus, 3 years
  ago.  He is still able to walk but barely.  He is on sinimet
  are there any drugs that may help him move more freely?
  He biggest complaint is a strange kinda buzzing feeling
  in his head. He says this is the worse symptom, even more
  so then the problem he has walking.  Thanks for any help.
The most effective treatment for Parkinsons disease is currently Sinemet (L Dopa/Carbidopa or L Dopa/benserazide).  The initial starting dose is 100/25 mg, 1/2 tablet 2x-3x/day and increasing gradually until optimal improvement or side effects occur.  There are other dose preparations including a long acting preparation.  There are other drugs that can be used in conjuction.  These include Bromocriptine, pergolide, artane, and cogentin.  Not all of these are indicated for some patients.  Many new drugs are on the verge of coming on the market.  These should hopefully simplify the regimen for patients as well as improve their symptoms.  They will be used in conjuction with sinemet.These include COMT inhibitors entacapone and tolcapone; Carbergoline selective Dopamine receptor agonist; Ropinirole an dopamine agonist that is a patch ;Pramipexole dopamine receptor agonist.  There are also surgical options for patients that have severe tremors.  Due to many of the new options for parkinsons patients, I would recommmend having your father evaluated by a neurologist who specializes in parkinsons disease and movement disorders.  At the Cleveland Clinic, there is a movement disorders clinic.  If you would like an evaluation (1-800-223-2273 ext.45559)or further information (42656),  In addition there are a number of parkinson disease organizations that are available.  These may be found in medhelp's website.  Here is some of the information I obtained from there.
Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.
International. Founded 1957. Aims to provide Parkinson patients a better quality of life through
funding of research, in the hopes of finding the cause and, ultimately, the cure. Provides referrals
to support groups, newsletter, information and phone support. Assistance in developing new
groups. Write: Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc., 710 W. 168th St., New York, NY 10032.
Call (212)923-4700 or 800-457-6676 (day); FAX: (212)923-4778.
- muscle tremor corpus striatum syndrome shaking palsy
- parkinsonism hunt parkinson parkinsonian paralysis agitans pallidopyramidal
Good Luck

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