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pins and needles + rash

Hi I'm having pins and needles in fingers and toes, i've noticed it for 3 days now, it is coupled with a rash (which is almost transparent and can only be seen in certain a light) my fingers also go crimpled as though I have been in the water too long.  I've had an MRI scan which was for suggestive for rheumatology as I found it hard to walk some mornings (this has been going on for over a year) this spinal scan was nothing to report apart from a small non-compressive disc bulge at L5/S1.  I have today been diagnosed with a water infection and I have just started taking antibiotics.  My GP did not know what my symptoms could relate to and said to come back if it gets worse.  I am a little worried as this numbness in my fingers is not right surely? Thanks G.
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I have absolutely no idea whether this is diabetic related, however you have two hallmarks of an insulin utilization issue. (1) hallmark one is pins and needles (2) hallmark two is a dermatological issue. These go hand-in-hand with diabetes. Oral antibiotics often don't do much good because the circulation in the feet does not permit them to reach the organisms. Square one is to get an hba1c blood test. Numbness in fingers does not usually go with diabets, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Compression of a nerve in the lumbar region would have nothing to do with these symptoms.
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thank you for your advice I really appreciate it, I hopefully will get sorted soon, all I know is im 'all out of sorts'. Thanks again. G
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The pins and needles in your fingers could be due to compression of the nerves in the carpal tunnel.  If you do a lot of keyboard work or work at a computer or do any repetitive work, this will aggravate the condition.  You can get some splits to support the wrists.  Sometimes tendon problems can cause symptoms.  

The doctor can refer you to a neurologist or arrange nerve conduction tests on your hands and feet to find out if there is any compression of the nerves.

Pins and needles in the toes can be caused from wearing tight shoes, compression of nerves, even from the lower spine, or from damaged nerves.  

For your water infection, make sure that you drink plenty of water, two to three litres every day is usually recommended, but more if it is hot or you are working out.    As you have the infection, I think the rash is linked to that.  Never get dehydrated as this can lead to kidney stones.  The water will also help to flush the bugs out.

Best wishes.

With the fingers looking like they have been a lot in water, this is due to the fact that there is no fluid retention in the fingers.  
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