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problem in making balance while walking,belt type sensation in upper abdominal, heaviness in both legs

Dear friends,
My brother is 28 years old, since last one month is facing problem ans it was started with heaviness sensation in both legs after two days he felt belt type sensation in upper abdominal part. Due to heaviness in both legs he started moving with support of wall and others persons/object, without support he feels like he might be fall down on floor. We consulted with drs and have gone through MRI (3Tesla) opf spine (Cervical/dorsal/lumbar) and brain. Reports of Brain MRI is quite ok but dorsal section specially D1-D2 having compression on spinal cord due to slip disc. please suggest is there any treatment available to avoid surgery.
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Physical therapy, acupuncture, traction, chiropractic adjustments, steroids, and pain shots/pills. There are many things aside from surgery that can help but if it is very bad surgery may be the only option to avoid permanent nerve damage. Sorry to hear about the compression. I myself have nerve damage from disc problems. Hope this was helpful.Best wishes.

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Dear Bigsissie.
Thank you very much for your comments.. and i believe u can understand our situation through which my family is going through. i m in india .. and have gonne to many surgon drc. but most of them only say u must go for surgery.. i have seen many cases as there is not of risk of nerve being damage during operation.. as our spinal cord is the most complicated system passing through our spine and its very narror also.

i dont wanna to take any chance for my brother.. rt now he is having problem in making balance while walking.. and its makes me very disturb.. as i m not able to understand why it is happening..

as u already gone through all this truma.. can u please share me ur email id sothat i can share all reports of my brother and can get some guidance. plz


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Hi there. I can understand your anxieties regarding your disc pathology. The various therapeutic options that you have are NSAIDS, physical therapy, acupressure, exercise, and epidural injection of steroids. Surgical decompression would be required if the symptoms are incapacitating and not relieved by these non-interventional measures. You need to discuss the prognosis of surgery with the neurosurgeon since symptoms would not be relieved if there has been preoperative nerve damage. Hope this helps. Take care.
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Thanks a lot for your guidance.
He has admitted in hospital in meerut for app 7 days and was given treatment as below but not relief in fact.
medicine tried :
inj monocef 2 gm IV OD,
inj optineuorne 1OD IV
inj solumedrole 500 mg+ normal saline 250 ml Iv in 8 hourly in 2 hours time.
inj human actrapride 5/12/10 units SC1/2 hrs before breakfast.
Tab mhagesic -M 4 mg BD
Cap methylcobal 500 mg TDS
Cap Gabapin 300 mg HS OD

afterthen we moved to different hospital in delhi and treatment is being given as below but agian not much relief: here again i would like tp draw ur attention.. my brother feel heaviness in both legs equally and he is not heaving any pain anywhere in body which is generally we see in case of spine problem (e.g slip disc) .

Tab decdan 2 mg BD for 5days , followed by OD for 3 days.
Tab Pan 40 mg OD.
Tab Liofen (baclone) 10 mg OD
Cap Nervup OD

Among the above medicine , he got a littil benefit in stuffness in lower limb with medicine Liofen as it is supposed to be a muscle relaxtent.

herewith i m pasting his MRI report of cervical dorsal region alongwith MRI of brain which reveals some compression in D1-D2 portion and Brain MRI is normal.

MRI cervico-dorsal spine (Contrast)

Multiplanner MR images of the cervico-dorsal spine were obtained using combination of T1 T2 turbo spin echo an FFE sequence. The T1 weighted images were repeated after contrast administration.

Curvature of cervical spine is well preserved.

Posterior central protrusion of C7-D1 disc with posterior abbular tear. Posterior central and right paracentral D1-D2 disc protrusion causing compresssion of thoracic cord, right exiting with changes of cord edema at D1,D2 thoracic cord.

The cord opposite D1 and D2 vertebral levels display isointense signal on T1W images and hyperintense signal on T2W and STIR images suggestive of cord edema. The protuded disc at D1-d2 level shows peripheral enhancement on contrast administration.

Posterior cebtral and right paracentral protrusion of D2-D3,D3-D4 and D4-D5 disc with indentation on anterior thecal sac without any significant thecal sac or root compression.

The cervial and thoracic vertebral bodies are nomal in height and marrow signal intensity.

Posterior elements are nomal in morphology and signal.

Costotransverse and costovertebral joints are normal.

Paravertebral and paraspinal musculature is normal.

impression : cemri cervico dorsal spine findings are suggestive of : Posterior central and right paracentral protrusion of the D1-D2 with compression of thoracic cord with changes of cord edema in D1,D2 thoracic cord.
Posterior central and right paracentral protrusion of multiple thoracic discs at C7-D1,D2-D3,D3-D4 and D4-D5 with indentation of anterior thecal sac without any nerve root compression.

MRI Brain (Plain and contrast)
Multiplanar MR images of the brain were obtained using T1 and T2 weighted SE. TSE amd FLAIr sequences. The T1 weighted images were repated after contarct administration:
The cerebral gray and white matter shows normal MR morphology and signal intensity.
No focal area of altered signal intensity is seen within the brain parenchyma.
Post contrast images show no abnormal meningeal/parenchymal enhancement.
No mass effect / midline shifts.
The basal ganglia,thalami,brainstem and cerebellum are normal.
Corpus callosum is normal.
sellar and parasellar regions appear unremarkable.
The ventricular system and basal cisterns are normal.
major flow voids are normal.
cerebellar tonsils are normal in location.
Visualized paranasal sinuses are clear.
IMPRESSION : essentially normal study.

i request you please suggest me wat to do now as we family is very disturb and worried for my younger brother he is only 28 years old and has lost control in balance making while walking.

Since last 3 days we also started Aruvedic treatment ( karla massage therapy with medicated oil) on whole body to release toxins from body as per indian aryuvedic traditional treatment.. and we find after having massage over legs he feel much relief in terms of less heaviness. but still same problem is as it is in imbalance while walking.. on his own feet.


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