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rubbing along the back of my right thigh causes orgasmic feeling in right shoulder

There is no pain, and I am not concerned about my current health. I am just looking for some intuition as to why this is and how come I cannot find any literature on this phenomenon. The closest I came was finding out about erogenous spots, however, I still do not understand the connection between the nerves on the skin of the back part of my upper thigh and the back of my right shoulder. why does the feeling feel orgasmic? Am I the only one who can experience this sensation. I can produce this feeling on command about every few minuet if desired, although I rarely do this. Its just something weird I've noticed only I can do. The exact spot on the thigh is right around the skin of the adductor magnus. The spot on the shoulder is right around the teres major, or possibly the subscapularis. One note is that I have to rub the back or inner portion of my thigh rather quickly for a few seconds to elicit this stimulation.
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Could be a couple of things.  You might have had these feelings at some point in your life, even when very young and didn't even realize it was happening, and at the time you were either stroking those areas or someone else was and it became a thing for you.  Or, for you, those could be erogenous zones.  We all have our peculiarities, and there are a lot of very sensitive areas that can cause arousal if one is open to discovering them and then repeating what one discovers.  Anywhere, for example, we are ticklish is probably an erogenous zone.  I would just enjoy it.
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