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seizure related to any other disorder?

My 3 yr old son had a seizure 8 1/2 months ago. He basically fell to the floor with no warning and it lasted probably a little over 5 mins (hard to tell.) The EEG showed tendency for seizures (during the flashing part of the EEG).
Myself and others have noticed that my son prior to his seizure had a constant "habit" of pulling on his ears. He does not have an ear infection. He says that he pulls on them because they are "cold." After the seizure, this "habit" went away for a while. Now he has started to do it again and it is constant again.  Could this be related to his seizure and a warning sign of other things? Thank-you in advance for your response.
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If the symptom is constant it is hard to believe that these symptoms are due to a seizure. However, if it is intermittent it is possible this could represent an aura (or warning sign). You should discuss this with your neurologist and perhaps a repeat EEG (brain wave test) should be performed. If there are still doubts, then consulting an epilepsy specialist is recommended. Good luck.
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Now Im not a doctor, but from what I understand, partial seizures (those that affect only a part of brain) can cause a multitude of symptoms, ranging from a twitching finger, an odd sensation anywhere, or upset stomach, or deja vu, or blinking lights in peripheral vision, Just depends where seizure originates from in brain and what function of body that part of brain is responsible for.
These partial seizures can stay partial or spread to involve more of brain or entire brain and become a generalized seizure (grand mal or tonic clonic).
Having an EEG while doing his ear thing might clarify whether this is seizure activity.
There is a great book 'seizures and epilepsy in childhood' by John Freeman which I have found very helpful in explaining things in laymans terms.
Good luck!!
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did he have a fever that you know of prior to the seizure....kids can have what is called febrile seizures
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Thank-you for the information.  I will definately try to find the book that you referred to - momsaidno.  I am discovering that you have to be pro-active on your children's health.  If you don't do it - no one will.  Unfortunately, doctors do not have the time nowadays to address every issue.  
Pertaining to Ozark's question - no, my son didn't have a fever.  He actually had a "fever" seizure when he was 18 months old. He also had an ear infection and was sick at the time.  Thank-you for asking though - everything helps!
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The link above is to a forum for epilepsy.  It doesn't have answers from drs. though, it consists of people with E or who have family members with E, or those going through diagnostic testing.  It is great for sharing info and symptoms, etc.
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thanks jan for the info
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