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sensitive burning skin-general pain

I'm a 32 year old male.Over the past year or so I've had problems with my skin feeling sore-very sensitive and at times painful to touch. There is also a burning feeling at times. At times it is even uncomfortable to blow on my skin. I also have sharp pains in my bones and tendons often at the same time. I've had this skin pain on patches on my scalp,  back, down my legs and buttocks,  and my feet. I've always passed this off as neuralgia or perhaps the aches and pains of herpes-I was diagnosed around the same time all these things started happening.  It's genital herpes and I had 23 outbreaks last year so it was quite bad. I mention this in case it's related.  What prompts me to write now is that these symptoms got markedly worse yesterday. It started with the usual skin pain going down my right leg and it seemed to go into my achilles heel-deep in the tendon as well as the skin, which I still find hard to believe. The pain in my legs was so bad it woke me up in the middle of the night and was making me feel nauseous. It was also hard to walk. The pain was similar to another unrelated medical problem I once had. One time I had an infection of the foot  that began to spread up my leg and turn into blood poisoning. Before the antibiotics kicked in I was unable to walk for awhile due to the pain. This pain was about on par with the "episode" I'm experiencing now. Sorry for being long-winded, but it kind of threw me. I was thinking about going to the emergency room-something that I've never had to do before.  I'd appreciate your thoughts. My main concern right now is whether it's something serious (a blood infection or something) that can't wait a week or so until I see my doctor.
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Dear Scott:

If you do not have a fever, likely you do not have an infection (other than your HERPES).  What you describe is compatible with a Herpes outbreak that is affecting your lower nerves in the sciatic distribution.  This large nerve runs from the lower lumbar and sacral region to the bottom of your feet.  The painful sensations could be the effects of herpes on this large nerve.  That would be my guess.  Are you on daily antiviral medications?  I would call you physician to let him know what is going on and keep your appointment.  


CCF Neuro MD
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