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shocking jolted knee pain please help

I am a professional dancer one night after practicing several hours... i started to get a jolting sharp pain on my left knee i think coming from the knee cap or around the sides of the knee cap. it went away the next day but came back again few days later...... it seems to come when i just walk on the knee not every step but a certain pressure of my steps. Someone please help dancing is my Job and before i dish out money to a doctor i would like to try to understand what im dealing with. PLEASE HELP!
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Maybe this helps a few of you guys.
I had the same symptoms under my left knee for a while
My doctor here in Holland sent his friend round who is a retired knee specialist to many of Hollands football players. Soccer to my American cousins.
He said that the underside of my knee cap is irritated and that causes the weird electric pain. The problem is that there is not much blood supply under the knee cap (of anyone). So he gave me the following excercise to do. (As often as I could).
With a straight leg, but a totally relaxed leg, either on the couch or with the leg diagonally down from my office chair) I am to very very slightly flex my front thigh muscle so that the knee cap very gently rises up towards my head, hold for a second and gently release. Over and over. As often as I could in a day. The idea is that it gently rubs the underside of the knee cap across the top of the knee and thus brings a bit of blood flow. He stressed that the leg should be fully relaxed and the movement gentle. Easiest excercise ever. Six weeks long he said and no running etc. So far it's working. I hope it works for some of you guys.
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I was 15 days without an attack. I had one jolt in a swimming pool this morning.
My MRI had showed nothing but common age-related ailments around my knee . . . nothing that would cause electric-shock like pain. I do have a small Baker's cyst but was told that they are no longer removed because they come back.
Yesterday all day I had lower back (below the waist) pain and feeling of swelling around my knee. I'm realizing that the lower back pain is often a precursor to knee attacks.
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