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somebody please help me

Someone please help me...I'm a 27 year old male. 3 years ago I had a horrible mystery virus/bacterial infection...this lasted about 7 days...horrible high fever, tonsilitis, headache, chills, night sweats, etc...then came the post viral neuropathy which lasted a few weeks...they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me...tested me for everything!!! well, about 3 months later they said I tested positive for EBV and mycoplasma...but not sure if those were the cause...well, now 3 years later...the neuropathy is back and really bothering me for like 2 weeks now...i've made an appointment to see a neurologist in a few weeks...has anyone else ever gone through anything like this before??? If so, can anyone tell me what is causing this??? I do have high triglycerides but I don't have diabetes...could I have something really bad causing this that I don't know about??? please if anyone can help I'd appreciate it...i'm sick of the numb legs, tingling in my hands and feet, burning feelings, etc...the worst part about it is everyone thinks I'm crazy!!!

please help
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All I can do is sympathize with how rough it is to have numbness and tingling in your extremities.  While you wait to see the neuro, ask your family doc to give you some sort of nerve medicines to ease up the discomfort.  Also, try to remember if you had a cold recently that could have set all this in motion again, and you could look up EBV and see if it has a tendency to recur.
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Hi,It looks like " 3 months later diagnosis was correct"
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what do you mean? do you think the ebv is causing all this???
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I sure hope you get relief.  Chronic pain *****.  I have it, too, and finally have found a doctor who is trying a nerve medication on me.  It is called Neurontin.  It's supposed to be very effective on neuropathy.  I have a pinched nerve(s) in the C1/C2 area that have been driving me crazy for 8 years.
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