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wierd tingling sensations that come and go?

i will start by saying i am a 19 Year old male and i consider myself of a healthy weight and I excersize often
i am on this site because the constant anxiety of my symptoms is driving me crazy when im not having symptoms i am having the fear of getting symptoms and every time i've been to the Hospital they just send me home within 3 hours of visiting.
it all started around 2 months ago, i was driving home from a college class when i felt a tingling sensation in my face, suddenly my fingers and toes in both hands and feet began to tingle as well, the tingling got so bad that i was having carpal pedal spasms in both of my hands and my toes in both of my feet were curling in, i had to pull over to the shoulder of the highway cuz i couldnt steer my car. the symptoms lasted for about 15-20 minutes and when they started to fade to the point where i could drive i rushed my self to the hospital, where they told me that i was "Hyperventillating" they took blood and everything came up normal, with the exception of slightly high thyroid levels
shortly after this first attack of symptoms i began having constant muscle twitches in the bottom of my feet sometimes so bad that my toes move along with the spasms it would feel like there was a Phone vibrating underneath my skin, this has been going on non stop for 2 months now. i get moderate tingling in my hands and feet that come and go and do nothing other than just cause a little bit of panic, it doesnt get bad to where i have to drive myself to the hospital, about 2 weeks ago i woke up at 6 AM with tingling all of my body the tingling was so bad that i could barely move my hands and feet so i had my friend drive me to the hospital, where again they ran blood work and again told me that it was probably nothing and that i should follow up with my primary doctor.. this was my third time in the hospital regarding my ailment in the last month and i have had no answer yet,  if one more doctor tells me its anxiety i will slap them in the face, its like they just don't care enough to test me for things like M.S. and Guillain barre syndrome. if it were Guillain barre syndrome wouldnt the symptoms remain constant and worsen????  
about a week ago i was in the hospital getting an outpatient test done on my heart because i have a non lethal heart arrythmia my cardiologist is trying to diagnose, and while i was waiting for the test to begin i noticed a disturbance in my visual field that started as a black dot and grew larger and larger until it formed a half moon shape (scintillating scotoma), the shape stretched out until after about 25 minutes it was gone and my vision was back to normal, as soon as that happened i was reminded of a similar series of events about a year ago that i actually saw an ocular specialist for who told me that i was having "Opthalmic Migraines". i am Scared that i may have Multiple Sclerosis or Guillain barre syndrome and my doctor is currently on a 4 week vacation so i was wondering if anyone could help give me some insight on my symptoms??

here is a list of symptoms
-Heart arrythmia Tachycardia and PVC's (may be un related)
-constant muscle spasms in feet, sometimes widespread in face and thighs
-Episodes of Numbness and tingling starting in the face and progressing rapidly to the fingers and toes and up the limbs to the point of partial paralysis (during the car episode my abomen also went numb and tightened)
-frequent tingling in hands and feet
-Visual Scotoma
-possible weakness?? (i felt very tired after washing my car today, squatting down and cleaning my wheels after wards my legs were sore and feet hurt)
-i have also had Severe knee pain to the point where i couldn't bend my knee, but this was before all of my other symptoms and i wrote it off as possible straint apon weightlifting.
again i was just wondering if anyone could Rule out Guillain Barre syndrome or tell me wether my symptoms indicate MS or any other neurological problems.

if it were Guillain Barre syndrome wouldn't my symptoms Worsen instead of come and go?

if it were M.S. or ALS wouldnt one of the doctors in the hospital have known to test for it given the symptoms i presented them with??

pls help i am Very scared theses symptoms have been controlling my life for the past 2 months

(i have Anxiety disorder and i know well enough the difference between symptoms of an anxiety attack and the symptoms i am having recently)

also i had been Tested for Lymes Disease in the Hospital after i Demanded a Lymes test be done before they released me, it came back negative but i did hear that sometimes lymes tests can be inacurrate, and i have every single symptoms of late stage Lymes disease

i should also ad that i am a Bit of a hypochondriach and i am on Xanax for Health anxiety, but my hypochondriah is always for stupid things like if i cough i think i have the flu or if my throat is sore from allergies i think i have strep throat. which is probably why i htink i have MS right now LOL, but it would be very  helpful if some one could give me insight on my symptoms
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Did you ever get an answer.
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Did you ever get an answer?
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include psychological factors such as stress/ anxiety, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, metabolic issues, electrolyte imbalance, neuro-muscular causes, medication side effect, hormonal/ endocrine issues, micronutrient deficiencies, cardiovascular causes such as arrhythmias etc. This does not typically sound like GBS while MS may be a possibility to be evaluated for; though if it has not been considered as a possible diagnosis, it is unlikely to be the case. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by an internist initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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also i consider myself a Talented musician i play 5 different instruments
and i am a Car enthusiast, who's highlight of my day involves washing my car and taking it for a nice ride
i am scared i am going to become bedridden i have so much to live for and such a bright future ahead of me i just really want some re assurance so i can take my life off of hold and go back to enjoying the "Ignorance is bliss" Lifestyle that i had before all of these strange things started occuring.
i can't imagine life without being able to do any of these things
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